Life After Advertising

It’s already been almost a week since I left my first job in the advertising industry. My team threw a despedida (going-away) party for me and my other officemate who came in a few months earlier than me. As expected, I cried loads especially when I gave my on-the-spot speech. All my friends were super emotional that night cause we never thought that day would come so fast. Setting the drama aside, now let me share with you my life after leaving the advertising world.

I’m now working in a software & marketing company in Alabang, just a few KM away from my house. From my previous post, I never really had any ideas what my work would be like. Although I know my job is to come up with designs, just like what I’ve been doing in my previous company. But this time, I’m not making designs for big brands and I’m not working for clients anymore. It’s kind of complicated to discuss in detail, the bottom line is, I still make designs and marketing materials.

But let me tell you how my life became so easy after leaving my previous job.

Just a disclaimer, I’m not trying to ruin the image of the advertising industry in the Philippines. The things I’m about to say are merely based on my own experience. I have nothing against my previous job and I have nothing against the people there. In fact, I’m still having separation anxiety from time to time cause that’s how attached I am.

My office hours in my current company is very flexible, as long as you complete the 8-hour requirement each day. So if I come in at 8am, I can already leave at 4pm. If I come it at 9am, I can leave at 5pm, and if I come in at 10am, I can leave at 6pm. In the advertising world, you can come in whatever time you wish to come as long as you let your boss know, especially if you plan to come in a little late. And you CAN’T leave without making sure you don’t have any pending work. They’re really strict about deadlines so if the client says you have to wait for the feedback/revisions, you HAVE to wait. The deadlines in the advertising industry are VERY strict. If they want it ASAP, you gotta do it ASAP, even if it means sacrificing your time, worse, even your health. And that’s one thing I really hate about working for clients. There are really nice and understanding clients who can adjust, but there are clients who’ll make you regret your decision to work for them.

Another thing I hate about the advertising industry is they unconsciously force you to prioritize work before anything else, because “it’s the nature of the work.” The OTs are so bad, I even experienced working for this brand (still makes me anxious every time I hear the name of the brand/client) that I was forced to work on a video and social media content til past midnight. I remember coming in to work super early considering the load I have for that day. At 11pm, I asked my boss (who was literally sitting beside me watching me and waiting for me to finish) if I can continue it the next morning cause I was already feeling so dizzy that I couldn’t look at my screen properly (FYI, everything’s due EOD the next day so I know I can still work on it first thing in the morning, just in time for the deadline). My boss said, “uhm.. you only have a few things left, finish it now so we can submit it tonight.” That’s when I realized how toxic the ad life is.

Some people would say “you wouldn’t complain if you love what you’re doing.” Trust me, I loved what I was doing. I just realized later that doing something you love should be fun and healthy. For the last few months, it became so unhealthy that I became very sickly. And to be honest, I fell out of love with my job.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely happy and in love with my current job (heck, it’s only been a week so who knows?) but what’s keeping me content is the real work-life balance. I get to leave the office while the sun’s still up! For someone who came in the ad life, that’s something to be really happy about. Plus, I get to do so much after work. Since this Monday, I was able to be productive after leaving work. I got to do the grocery, I got to watch a movie and grab dinner with friends, I got to run around the village and workout at home after, I got to do some artworks, I was able to visit my boyfriend and our friends at work and had dinner after, etc.! Those are a few of the things I didn’t get to do when I was still in the ad agency. I’m really loving this new work-life balance thing.

Plus, the benefits in my current company are waaaaay better. Like there’s a thing they call BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) where people get to receive a daily allowance if they use their personal laptop for work! We also have free rice every day as an incentive (a choice of brown or white). For a newbie like me, it’s kind of unusual to work directly with a hands-on CEO, but that’s one thing I like about my new job — I get to work with BIG people.

I’ll always love Saatchi. But advertising isn’t really for me. I’m really hoping this new job really works for me. So far, so good!

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Leaving Saatchi

It’s never easy for me to say goodbye. To places, to people, especially to a place where I spent 1 year and 9 months working with talented people who pushed me to be the best version of myself in my field.

I’ve been with Saatchi for almost 2 years, and the decision to leave was never easy. I love the place, I love the environment, I love the company, I love the people I work with, I love everything about Saatchi. But it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and do something for my own personal growth.

Working in the advertising industry was something out of my comfort zone. I studied Multimedia Arts for 4 years and I never imagined I’d end up creating digital ads for big brands. It’s something I enjoy doing, yes. But most days I ask myself, “is this really what I want to do for the rest of my life?”

I accepted another job offer, and to be honest, I’m not even sure if that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life after leaving Saatchi. Right at this point, I’m not sure of anything. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy the new role I accepted as much as I loved my role as a Digital Art Director. I’m not sure if I’ll love the people there as much as I loved the people in Saatchi. I’m not sure if things are better there in terms of workload. It’s a leap of faith I’m taking.

I’m sad that I’m leaving something that’s been a big part of my professional and personal growth. But I’m more than excited to go out there and explore. Here’s to hoping for better days ahead!!

“Great things happen outside of your comfort zone.”

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It’s One of those Days

When I feel ugly and fat/overweight.

Today I wore unflattering clothes to work. By unflattering, I mean tight jeans and a flannel top which emphasizes my thighs more. I saw myself in the mirror few minutes ago and saw how big my thighs were. As if there was a time it isn’t. But it’s noticeable (for me) how bigger I got because of my bigger thighs, chubbier cheeks and flabby arms. The other day I asked our maid if I’m getting fat, expecting she’d say “no, of course not!” she actually said “ay oo lumaki nga braso mo.” (yes! Especially your arms.) And it only made me realize that I’m actually gaining weight and felt heavier than usual.

So I decided to run last Sunday, and then went to the gym on Monday, hoping I’d feel better about myself (and I promised myself again that I’d exercise regulary). But today I felt worse. Maybe it’s because of the clothes I’m wearing.

But today my officemate Steph and I went to Starbucks to grab coffee. The barista wrote “you look beautiful” on Steph’s cup while mine says “Godbless”. I don’t know if that means something but for me it definitely tells me something – that maybe I am the ugly friend. Now I’m feeling worse-r.

I’m being unfair again to myself. I just promised from my previous blog that I’d stop hating myself but today I just found more reasons to feel that way.

I hope this is just me going through PMS.

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January 11 falls on a Wednesday, unlucky me I had work that day while Chevy’s on leave. I spent the day in the office while Chevy ran some errands and did some chores, talk about a productice birthday. We really didn’t know the plan yet and I was forcing him to pick me up in Makati but unfortunately, his car’s number coding. So the plan was to meet up at Alabang Town Center since it’s pretty convenient to travel from Makati to Alabang.

I left the office at exactly 6PM, rushed to Glorietta to buy him a gift (I didn’t want to come unpreppared and I didn’t get the chance to buy him one the past few days because I was sick) thankfully it only took me 30 minutes. Took the shuttle straight to Alabang, which only took me about 45 minutes to get there.

It was a simple Japanese dinner with Chevy and his family, a “tradition” we’ve been doing ever since. We ate at Nanbantei, ATC. Chevy wasn’t expecting any gifts which made me giddy because I love surprising him!!

We’ve been spending 5 consecutive birthdays together, well techincally 4, and it makes me so happy cause it only brings me closer not just to him but also to his family. Can you believe we started dating when he was 18 and now he’s already 23?! Where did the time go…

Snippets from my Snapchat:

Chev and I’s fave!


Look who’s happy with his new shoes!!

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Self Love 2017

I have so many things on my goal list this year. As much as possible I don’t want to call it “New Year’s resolution” cause it sounds so cliché, “goals” sounds so more realistic. Anyway, I’ll try to make a separate blog about my list but right now I just want to focus on one thing since I want to make it my number 1 priority.


It’s one of the things I really have a hard time learning. I’ve always hated myself for so many reasons, although there are times I feel beautiful and there are times when I just don’t care anymore. I’ve attempted way too many times to feel beautiful; I tried whitening pills, diet pills, deprived myself from all the food I want to eat, had an eating disorder, exercised but eventually gave up. I always have that insecurity in me which drives me to do all crazy things just to for me to feel beautiful.

It’s exhausting, in all honesty. I keep comparing myself to all beautiful women I see and trust me, it didn’t help a single bit.

I want to change that mentality. For once, I want to actually feel beautiful about myself without having to compare myself to others. But at the same time, I want to take care more of myself by exercising more (for the goal of actually staying healthy NOT skinny or not because “I want to be as thin as her”), eating a healthy diet but not depriving myself, giving my body enough rest, wearing clothes and makeup that makes me feel sexy, etc. I want to spoil myself if it only means making me feel confident and beautiful about myself. I realized that maybe it’s time to give myself some love for the past years I’ve hated it.

It’s exhausting waking up and spending the day whining about how fat and unhappy I am because of the bulges whenever I sit down or the cellulites in my legs. It’s exhausting regretting all the yummy food I ate when in fact I really enjoyed it WHILE eating. I want to change that way of thinking to “oh how cute I have a bulge in my tummy but I’m on my way to a flat stomach I just have to be a little more patient”, or “damn my legs are thick AF!” or “damn that meal was delicious #NoRegrets”.

I’m trying my best to stick to that mantra and it’s wonderful how it can change my mood the whole day. Someone says I’m fat? No biggie I’ll just use that as my motivation to hit the gym more. Something like that makes a positive impact in my way of thinking and I love how it affects everything around me. I feel positive about EVERYTHING.

I guess that’s a great start. I know it’s not going to be easy but I’ll really do my best. I deserve some love from my own self, we all do.

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Thank you, 2016


Wow, I’m blogging again. I’m starting from scratch because the old domain expired and I just don’t feel like renewing it for some reason (read: cost cutting).

Anyway, it’s been one hell of a ride, 2016!! I’m welcoming 2017 with a happy and grateful heart, like I always do. Now since I’ve been MIA for the whole year, let me list down all the things happened to me this 2016. (I’ll try my best to remember every little thing)

  • I got into STATUS Media as an art intern and got to do all the things I’ve always loved doing – illustration, typography, magazine editorial layout and a lot more.
  • I also got to cover an event (& attend!) Graphika Manila for the first time ever. It was extra fun cause I had a media pass (meaning I got an entrance pass for FREE) and took photos of all the speakers for 2 days.
  • I got to complete all my remaining units, last being the MMA-OJT. After completing everything, I was on my final step before graduating – exit interviews and graduation applications.
  • I was already on vacation mode starting around April. But since I don’t want to slack off, I already started scouting for companies I want to apply to. My goal was to have a company accept me before I officially graduate.
  • WHICH I DID! I only applied a few companies I really like. One of those is Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the top advertising agencies in the Philippines. I really didn’t make it such a big deal and really didn’t expect anything from it because DUH. But I submitted an email just to try my luck. A week later, I received a message inviting me over for an interview. My first ever interview as a fresh grad went GREAT!
  • A month later, I was accepted in ACE SAATCHI & SAATCHI as a DIGITAL ART DIRECTOR. So surreal!
  • Spent my last summer vacation as an unemployed individual babysitting my little brother and going with him to his badminton clinics 3x a week.
  • Spent the Holy Week in Clark, Pampanga with my family and Chevy. It was super fun since it was my first out-of-town trip with Chevy.
  • I received my first paycheck and as a tradition, I treated my family in Sambokojin, one of our favorite go-to buffets. I also treated Chevy to Yabu and to the movies!
  • Went to Quezon Province for 3 days with my friends and Chevy. We didn’t get to enjoy the beach hopping that much because of the bad weather but I definitely had a good time since it was my first out-of-town trip without my parents!
  • What made the trip also memorable was because my tooth/gums were in pain the entire trip!! Talk about great timing. But I really tried my best to enjoy the trip and not let the pain ruin everything.
  • My company, Ace Saatchi & Saatchi’s known for holding cool office parties. The first party I got to attend was super fun because of the new people I met. Also, it was the first time I almost got drunk. I don’t really drink but that night I think I had about 5-7 shots of Cuervo. I didn’t know how I stayed through the night but glad Chevy picked me up after the party.
  • My first official sleepover was at Chevy’s!!!! (After the office party)
  • Got regularized as a Digital Art Director under Activations department just this December.
  • Met awesome officemates, who are more like college buddies to me because of our age differences!
  • Parents allowed me to own and actually take care of a puppy. Chico was my first ever mini dachshund but unfortunately, he didn’t make it after a week because of parvo. Still thinking about getting a new one because I’m honestly still scared to be attached again. :(
  • Chevy got his first job ever!!!! And now I’m thrilled because we’re both working already! Yay to adulthood!
  • Went to Singapore with a friend/officemate I became super close with, Steph. It was my first out-of-the-country without my family and I felt so independent and capable. It was my dad and mom’s graduation gift to me! Oh, which reminds me, I really should work on that video trip hehe
  • Spent Christmas in Baguio with the family except for my sister since she left just last November to Virginia, USA for work.
  • Still with Chevy after 4 years!!!! Counting to 5!!!

That’s it, I guess.

Thank you, 2016! So thrilled to see what’s in store for 2017.

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