I need change. WE need change.

Since it’s 2011, I need a list of my resolution (I hate calling it new year’s resolution) so I call it MY GOALS. I’m not doing this just because it’s new year, well maybe. But I need change, we all do.

1. No more badwords
2. Be more PATIENT
3. Lessen my rude comments towards people/things
4. Pay attention to my blogs
5. Be more organized
6. Spend money wisely
7. SLEEP BEFORE MIDNIGHT. *with exceptions
8. Do ALL homeworks
9. Submit projects on the right time. Avoid asking for extensions
10. Spend less for load. Meaning, lessen the use of cellphone
11. Go home on or before 5 pm right after school. Except for trainings, practices and meetings
13. Be more serious and dedicated to badminton
14. Avoid arguing with people. Most especially with brother, ate, mom and dad


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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