Today we had Mad Science which costs 250 pesos! I can’t believe I spent that much for NOTHING. Those not-so-mad scientists showed us not-really-interesting tricks we’ve known for like ages ago. We spent 250 pesos for a balloon, a fire extinguisher, a gas, and a talking man who looks like a clown because of his scientist-ish hair. I could’ve just bought something nice instead of going to that madfuckingscience. No offense, really, I wasn’t impressed.

On the other hand, we had dinner at Shakey’s. Mom said that dad was at a friend’s partyso us girls plus my little brother went out, too. But I guess mom loves dad too much she couldn’t stop herself from ordering food for dad. Mom had a little catch up with her friend, which is my ate’s ninang. Me and Jun played basketball and air hockey, I am such a good shooter. Haha! We both suck at air hockey. Hahahaha.

I’m planning not to sleep today since I'm going to wait for a lot of people go online. But it’s not yet sure since I’m pretty tired and I need rest. And I remember, tomorrow’s IPTC day. I should ready my reasons and explanations and my puppy eyes. Haha! Well, let’s just pray I don’t receive a love letter.

That’s all for today. Thank God it’s Friday! Oh wait, it’s already Saturday. Good morning!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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