10 songs you must listen to

This is a blog about songs of different genres you should put in your iPods and blast them to full volume – half kidding.

1. Good Day Sunshine – The Beatles
I love old school stuff, especially their music that I won’t get tired of listening to. Two of my favorite bands are The Beatles and The Who, one song of Beatles I suggest you listen to is Good Day Sunshine. It’s about being positive at the very start of your day. It brings me good vibes in the morning.

2. The Best One Yet – Black Eyed Peas
I love all BEP’s music! For me, they’re a legend. One song I won’t get tired of listening to is The BOY. This song is my family’s (Ortiz clan) theme song, and I swear, it never gets old. It talks about a lifetime memory you shouldn’t forget. I feel sad and happy every time I listen to this. Happy because it brings back a lot of gooood memories, and sad because I miss those good old days.

3. The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
A relevant song to my life. I can use this as the sound track of my life. Haha! I listen to this every lazy day or every time I’m a bummer. I can relate to every line in the song.

4. Dog Days Are Over – Florence and The Machines
At first I thought the artist was kinda weird. Yes she is, in a very good way. This is another ‘must’ in your iPod. I love singing this song, without noticing I’m out of tune. Hehe :P

5. Betamax – Sandwich
Who said OPM are baduy? This song talks about our country’s style way back during 60s or something. It makes me want to have a time machine.

6. Here In Your Arms – Hellogoodbye
I’m not into love songs these days, but who doesn’t love Hellogoodbye? They compose great songs and honestly, I can relate to some of them. This is a must because it talks about having the one you really like. (boolove haha!)

7. Baba O’Riley – The Who
You don’t know The Who? Well today is the day you should know them! Baba O’Riley is a rock song that talks about teenage life. I suggest you play it in full blast.

8. Better Together – John Jackson
It’s a very relaxing and calm song. I feel so in love (kahit hindi!) when I listen to this song.

9. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
It’s a psychedelic song. It has neither story nor message but who cares, it’s an amazing and unique song you must listen too!

10. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
It brings good vibes in so many ways. I love the vocalist’s voice, I love the lead guitarist, I love the beat, I love how they combine words to create good lyrics. I love it! PS. This song is used as one of the soundtrack of Emma Stone’s film, Easy A.


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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