What’s in my bag?

I wanted to do this ever since! Now I finally made it and I’m going to share it with you guys.

1. Blue pencil case. You may be wondering why I have two pencil cases. this pencil case contains colored pens and other coloring/art stuffs. Since I love doodling and drawing, I have my separated case for them.
2. Black pencil case. This case contains my ballpens, pencils, erasers and other writing materials for school.
3. Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life. I am the ‘holy’ type of student. Sabi nga ng mga kaklase ko, napakabanal ko, lalagpas na ko sa heaven! Haha! My mom and dad gave this to me so I can read this for me to be closer with God. It helps a lot. With my problems in life, family, relationship with friends, and especially with God. It’s a 40 day book which you read each chapter per day. You CAN’T read all the chapters in one day because it will only spoil everything. The author says that reading this book is a continuous process. I suggest you buy this book! It’s for all ages! 
4. Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth. Nope, I’m not a fan of reading pocket books. This is a requirement in our English subject. This is our lesson for the whole fourth quarter. It’s a bit boring because I can’t relate to it. It’s about a Chinese family who lived despite of struggles in their family. It also talks about the culture of China. It’s a good book, only if you’re interested about Chinese related stuff and poverty.
5. Team Manila doodle purse. I’m a big big fan of doodle! I am attracted to different kinds of doodles. I bought this at Team Manila, Mall of Asia with my two Texan cousins. Haha, they bought one too. Too bad the print is fading away.  I’m thinking about replacing it with my own doodle when the print is totally gone. What do you think?
6. Pony tail. I can’t live my house without it. Together with it, you can always see my school neck tie with lots of hair clips and hair pins. So in case we have COCC trainings or PE activities or any hair-including-activities, I can avoid bad hair days.
7. “Dirty” Jansport backpack. I made a big mistake in my life, and it’s choosing a WHITE bag. It’s not white anymore, it’s already gray! Hahaha! I always tell myself that I’ll wash it but that day never comes! I don’t know why I’m too lazy, even to tell our maid to wash it for me. What a life. Haha!
8. Ticklish Pink Bench cologne. I don’t use it too often, my friends use it more than I do. Haha! I just like how it stays in my bag.
9. Starbucks 2011 planner. I got it as a Christmas gift from a “guy” friend. What a nice dude. I fill each day with different doodles according to what I feel on that day. 
10. Doodle notebook. I also got it as a Christmas gift from my best friend. It was suppose to be a diary but since I’m more into blogging a too lazy to write, I used it as a doodle notebook instead. It’s filled with drawings of people, clothes, sceneries in my mind, and random stuffs. I’ll show it to you some time maybe.
11. Team Manila lanyard. I bought it the same day with my doodle purse. It says “180º Neon Manila,” I have no idea what it is. I just like the color.
12. G-Tec point 4 red and black. Since the first quarter of school year, I never write without G-Tec, that’s how choosy I am when it comes to writing. But it costs 70 PHP each, and the refill costs 40-50 PHP.
13. Marie Clare eye glasses. Yes, I have a very poor eye sight. Migraine always attacks me whenever I don’t wear them, but now, I lost them in school :) I’m convincing mom to buy me contact lens instead. More convenient than eye glasses.
14. School gate pass/ID. These two things have a very important role in my highschool life. School policy says that we’re not allowed to enter the campus without wearing our ID, and we can’t leave the campus without a gate pass. So I make sure to have it every single day of highschool life.


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