4 days to go!

4 days left and it’s already my day! I’m turning 16!! I wish I could have a party just like the brats I’ve seen in My Super Sweet 16, pero ASA PA! Hahahahaha!!!

Last year, or I guess that’s 2 years ago, I have my wishlist which is in my multiply account. Medyo mababaw yung mga nandun, nene days pa yun eh. Hihi. So here’s my wishlist for this year! I’m not expecting to have them all, siguro isa lang pwede na. :)

1. Nikon D7000


Canon 500D


3. iPhone 4g

4. Rayban Wayfarer (Original)

5. Macbook Air

6. White Blackberry Bold

..unfinished. Magiisip pa ko :P Sasagarin ko na. Wishlist lang naman eh. Hahaha!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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