First day of Diliman Access

One word: BORING
I was with my girls the whole time. Astrud, Jeline and Ericka, we waited at ministop – the usual meeting place. Sabay sabay kaming pumasok sa classroom, and we’re kinda late. Ang aga aga kong dumating sa ministop tapos late din pala ako. Tsk. First day na first day. But it’s okay, we’re just 5 minutes late. The first thing we did? MOCK TEST. Akjshdlkjhsajfh!! I didn’t review at all, so it’s more of stock knowledge. The topics included were the topics since first year. Fuck! But it was just a mock test so I didn’t panicked at all. Hehe. We had a 20 minute break and we came late again. Ajdhslkfhdskj! The teacher discussed the Survival Kit where universities, courses are there. We’ve learned a lot like what to expect in entrance exams and tips, too. It was pretty awesome but I was soooo bored!! We had this scratch paper, and mine was full of doodles. :))

And then we went to McDo to have lunch. And then went home. I was with Ericka and we’re planning to have movie marathon at my house since I was home alone. So we bought DVDs, 2 horror and the other one’s Never Say Never. I want to watch Never Say Never but Ericka refused to coz she wants to watch it alone (?) or at her house. So we ended watching horror films. The first one we watched was soooo boring and nonsense, so we changed the DVD and watched Road Kill instead. It was pretty cool and scary. And DISGUSTING. Ugh. After watching movie, we stayed outside and told stories, laughed, etc. It was funnnn. :)

Tomorrow we have classes and it’s MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay! It will be my first birthday to have classes. Hihi :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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