I wasn’t able to watch all the episodes of Skins (UK) Season 1 and 2 but I know the characters (a bit) because I watched 3-4 episodes of the first batch, I’m just not sure if its season 1 or 2. Thank you to my sister who introduced to me this awesome tv series! :)

Season 3-4 WAS MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE! The story, the casts, EVERYTHING! I was sad (and even cried) when I was watching the last episode of their last season. Freddie (my fave cast) died!!!! :(

Season 5 was shitty! I mean, I hate it!! I hate everything! I don’t know if I can’t move on with Effy, Freddie, pandora, Emily, Katie, Cook, Thomas, Naomi! Fck!


Sid Jenkins (Mike Bailey) – Tony’s best friend. He lacks confidence, is socially uneasy and struggles with school works.

Chris Miles (Joe Dempsie) – He is the party animal of the group. He has a difficult home life; he lost his brother at a young age, and is living alone due to his ambivalent father and absent mother.

Maxxie Oliver (Mitch Hewer) – He loves to dance. Unlike most openly gay characters on Brit television, he is still considered one of the lads. He is portrayed as attractive, seductive, talented, and is well accepted by his friends and peers.

Tony Stonem (Nicholas Hoult) – He is an attractive, intelligent and popular boy. His manipulative ways often go unnoticed by many, and are a catalyst for the majority of the events in the series.

Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray) – She is an eccentric girl who suffers from an eating disorder. She attempts to hide her own struggles with mental health while her flamboyant parents ignore her in favor of their new baby.

Anwar Kharral (Dev Patel) – He is Maxxie’s best friend. He takes a pick-and-choose approach to Islam, and has no qualms indulging in premarital sex, alcohol, and drugs. He has a slightly off-the-wall personality, known for his silly antics and sense of humor.

Michelle Richardson (April Pearson) – Tony’s girlfriend. A girl who can never stay angry at his mischievous behavior for long. Outwardly, she appears shallow, vain and conceited but she works hard and is emotionally mature.

Jal Fazer (Larissa Wilson) – She is a sensible girl with a talent for playing the clarinet. Her runaway mother has left her to live with her famous musician father and aspiring rapper brothers.


Elizabeth “Effy” Stonem (Kaya Scodelario) – Tony’s younger sister. She becomes the lead character for the second generation. Effy is beautiful, popular, and a natural leader like her brother, but also quiet and distant, attempting to keep her own troubles hidden. She is fully aware of her desirability and capacity for manipulative behavior, but feels expressing her own emotions will show weakness.

James Cook (Jack O’Connell) – He is charismatic and sociable, he is also boisterous and not afraid of authority. His womanizing drives many of the events in the series.

Emily Fitch (Kathryn Prescott) – She is used to being in her sister’s shadows. She is sulky but perceptive. She is in love with Naomi Campbell.

Katie Fitch (Megan Prescott) – She thinks of herself as something of a WAG and wants to usurp Effy’s place as queen bee of the group. Her homophobic attitudes cause problems between them, as Emily comes to terms with her lesbianism.

Naomi Campbell (Lily Loveless) – A fiery, politically-charged and passionate young woman with idealistic views and an abundance of ambition.

Pandora Moon (Lisa Backwell) – Effy’s best friend. She is innocent to the sexual and narcotic world in which Effy indulges, but is ready and willing to explore it.

Thomas Tomone (Merveille Lukeba) – He is an immigrant from the Congo, with a morally upright outlook and good-hearted nature, and his storyline sees him become romantically in love with Pandora.

Freddie McLair (Luke Pasqualino) – He is an easy- going skater who likes to smoke weed, and as the more sensible and responsible friend, is often put out by Cook’s behavior. Cook and Freddie are both drawn to Effy, which drives a rift in their friendship.

JJ Jones (Ollie Barbieri) – His autism makes it difficult to fit in socially, but he has learnt to use magic tricks to make friends. His friends view him kindly, but with a degree of amusement, and sometimes irritation, but he knows Cook and Freddie will always take care of him. He is the kindest of the three, (JJ, Cook, Freddie) and by far the least worldly.


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