Old School New School

I’m the type of kid who listens to any song and enjoys it. I appreciate ANY type of music, well, let’s not talk about screamo like Slipknot, Linking Park, etc. I’m not really a big fan of hard rock and metal songs. I’m not the Person who sticks to one genre and won’t be open minded.

I have a friend in my freshman year who introduced to me the wonderful and real world of music. He LOVES Beatles so much that it’s the only band he listens to. I asked him how he knew about it, and answered me with a smile, and then he told me the story. It was summer and he was so bored, he had nothing to do. He saw his dad’s collection and tried to listen to it. He fell in love with what he’s listening to! Those awesome classic songs which made him happy and changed his belief in music were the reason why he hated modern music. Whenever I ask him what’s up with the modern music, he always denies answering me. All he says is “it’s rubbish”.

I tried to listen to the songs he’s been listening to for ages. The moment I plugged in my earphones, I closed my eyes and I feel like I’m living in the real world. Classic! It’s like, I was being pulled out from stress, problems, noise, every thing! It was awesome. Hearing John Lennon’s voice was so relaxing. But it wasn’t the reason to stop me from listening to modern music. I still continued with it actually. It’s not a crime listening to two different generations. But you know what’s the best thing about listening to classic songs? It calms me down, and let’s me pause from over-thinking. I stopped listening to modern songs when I got my heart broken, I started cleaning up my playlist and bombarded it with Beatles, The Who, The Smiths, etc. It was my only way of helping myself out. So what if I listen to Justin Bieber and the Beatles? I can still listen to whatever I like and it’s not a big deal. I cannot stick to just one genre and live with it forever. Be open minded with things around you, ‘cause you never know, it can somehow help you with whatever you have.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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