Monday Loveday

This day was a last minute plan. KC and I, together with Audrey are talking about out sections through Twitter. Well everyone’s so excited to know their section and classmates, and we kept on asking when will the school post the sections. So we made plans that we’d go to school the next day to see for ourselves.

I woke up at around 9 am. I thought I was late, lagi kasi akong late kapag may morning appointments with friends. But I’m not, congratulations to me! Pagdating ko sa school, I saw Audrey with Angel, pero si Angel kasama mommy niya, and she just enrolled. Wala pa si KC, so Audrey and I went straight to the admin bldg to see the registrar to ask sana our sections. Then KC came. Sabi samin nung napakasungit na registrar, mamayang hapon pa daw ipopost yung sections sa may lobby. Oh no! Sobrang aga namin. And then we went to the guidance office to get an UPCAT application form. After school, sabi ni Audrey magpapapicture siya sa Omni for her appli form. Eh since schoolyear’s about to start, syempre kailangan na naman ng 1×1 pics for gatepass, information shits, application forms for universities so naisipan kong I need it too. So kaming 3, nagpapicture na. After taking our pictures, sinamahan nila ko sa BDO kasi I have to pay for the camera I bought online. Sobrang hassle lang. Then we ate lunch at KFC. Hindi namin alam what to do to kill the time. We came up with the idea to go at KC’s other crib at Veraville and watch movies. Yay! I love watching movies with friends. Great company. So we bought 3 DVDs. PS. NO HORROR MOVIES. We bought Crazy Thing Called Love (Thai Movie), No Strings Attached and TV series Skins Season 4. Pagdating sa house nila KC, we were supposed to watch Skins, eh kaso sabi ko baka hindi din nila maintindihan yung story kasi walang Season 3. So we watched A Crazy Thing Called Love instead. Grabe, start pa lang ng movie sobrang kinikilig na ‘ko kay Mario Maurer! It’s a story of 2 highschool lovers na never nilang inamin feeling nila sa isa’t isa after 9 years, they still have the same feeling they had since highschool. Nakakakilig talaga, I’m just wondering if that REALLY happens in real life. Sa ganung gwapo ni Maurer at sa pangit ng itsura nung girl. Tss, as if naman! After the movie, I saw KC crying! Hahaha!! We attempted to watch another movie kaso tumawag si Audrey sa school to ask if the sections were posted already, kaya iniwan namin lahat at nagmadaling dumeretso sa school. Haha! But along the way pa lang, spinoil na samin yung sections namin. Boohoo!

Audrey and I – Solidarity
KC – Integrity
Sad. :( Kaya I talked to Mr Sese to ask a favor. Kung pwede ba ilipat si KC sa solid. Teehee! Buti na lang malakas ako sakanya kaya sabi niya sige, isulat ko daw sa papel yung gusto kong ilipat. Yaaaay! I love Mr Sese.


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