June is hello-school month

2 months of vacation aren’t enough, though most of the time I always complain I’m bored and my money isn’t enough for gimmicks, lunch dates and etc. But summer is time to relax and take a break for a year of studying, 2 MONTHS AREN’T ENOUGH! We need more. Haha just kidding, I miss school and the school-vibes. I miss my friends, but for sure I don’t miss doing homeworks and stuffs. There is one thing that’s bugging me lately, this will be my last year in highschool. *Sob* I will do everything this year, make the most out of it coz this will be the last <///3

Today is June 1! I can't believe it! Sleepless days are over, waking up at merienda time is over, but yay! I have allowance again, I hope mom gives an increase. Hahahah asa pa. Oh well, I don't have school supplies yet, mom said she's looking for the right timing to shop, kasi last time we bought school supplies at National, her precious phone was stolen, sobrang siksikan kasi. So I asked her when, she said kapag nagstart na daw ang classes ng public school so less people are shopping compared sa early shopping spree. I think she has a point.

This week will be a busy week for me (I guess?) I will start stitching my 12 spring notebooks, I will print names for my books and notebooks and then cover them. I promised myself to enjoy everything I do because THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME. Sad.

My goal this school year is to be in the level honor, or just be at the top of the class, I have to make my parents proud. Oh and this year will be stressful coz of applications and entrance exam for universities. Wish me luck! And good luck to my batchmates as well.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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