Unnoticeable Haircut

Why is it that everytime I get a haircut, people won’t notice it? I know, I have the same hairstyle since forever! Layered hair with side bangs. I’m afraid of trying new hairstyles coz the last time I cut my hair short, I didn’t like it! So I decided to stay for this hairstyle since it looks good on me (I think). Oh well, here’s the photo of my unnoticeable new haircut.

Sorry naman sa face, haha oh diba, it’s like nothing changed. I want to keep my long hair kasi, ang hirap humaba ng hair ko so sabi ko gawin lang layered and ‘wag bawasan ang length.

Parlor fact: Whenever I go to the parlor and get my haircut, I always show them a picture of my desired hair-do so the parlorista would know what to do with my hair. Before kasi, after every haircut, I get disappointed kasi hindi ko gusto yung mga ginagawa nila sa hair ko :P I learned that from Saab. :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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3 Responses to Unnoticeable Haircut

  1. nicole says:

    ang ganda mu po ate.:)

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