Ready, Set, Go!

I’m so ready for school, you just don’t know how prepared I am to go back to schooool! Minus the homeworks and shitloads of things to do, please. Oh well, in few days I’ll be in a classroom again, if ever you see me online, I may be doing projects, paperworks and stuffs related to school. I need to be serious this time. I’m aiming for the sports award on grad. Wish me luck loves. In this blog, I’ll show you some of the things (I love) I bought for school. :)

I’m not that “fasyown” when it comes to bags. I just want a comfy yet stylish bag but not too OA. I think this bag is cute and would look good with my uniform. It can also transform into a small hand bag, I just don’t think It’ll work for me. FYI, my sister picked this for me coz the first time I saw this, I wasn’t really attracted to it. BTW, I bought it in Bench. What’s inside? My school supplies. See, I told you I wasn’t that prepared for school.

Okay, this is not new. Hahaha. I bought this jansport backpack two years ago, I think? That was when I think backpacks are for cool people. Hahaha!! I like it coz it’s comfy. I just regret the fact that I bought a white one knowing that I’m not that clean type pf person. It just looks kinda new here in this photo coz I washed it few days ago, in preparation for school. You might be wondering why I have two bags. It’s because I’m planning to use this only if I’m wearing our PE uniform and CAT days. So, yeah. Backpacks are somehow for cool people. Hehe.

New school year is here, of course I need new shoes! For the past year(s), I’ve trusted only one brand of shoes. Hush Puppies!! I swear this brand is the comfiest yet stylish of all, and it’s long lasting too!

Last but not the least. My Gtecs!! I can’t live without it. I just found out that this awesome pens do exist last last year. From first quarter til 4th quarter, this is the only pen I used. But the sad part is, this costs 70 pesos each, and for the refill, 50 php. But it’s worth the cost, FO SHO! :)

I still have a lot to tell you but I’m too lazy to post them all here! Hahaha. Well, that’s life. Let’s all face the reality. And I’m going back to school in a dayyyy! OMG I’m egsoited!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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