Summer Lovin’

I know, I know. Sorry for blogging this so late. Hahaha. Gusto ko lang mafeel yung summer kahit ‘di na summer. BOOHOO! Too sad, this is the only summer vacation I had this summer (yes I call it vacation). Sorry ha. It’s not my fault that everyone in my family’s so busy to have a break. Psh!

So here it goes. Ortiz Bagets Outing 2011. The Ortiz Bagets thingy started last summer when my two Texan cousins came to visit. Want to see us complete? Alrightyroo.
My tita (dad’s bunsong kapatid) is the only adult in Ortiz bagets. *pic taken last Christmas, Fontana Clark Pampanga.

So my tita planned to have an outing for summer. We totally agreed since it’s the only vacant time we have. I ditched youth camp for this outing since I miss my cousins and.. yes. Hahahahaha. She’s the one who fixed appointments with the hotel and made reservations for us. We stayed at the Mayan Hotel in Makati, just in front of the Podium and just behind SM Megamall. Too bad it’s only an over night.

Went swimming in the afternoon (Saturday)

And then we had a photoshoot at the helipad! (minus ate) The view looks great, kahit na sobrang nakakalula sa umpisa.

Eh since matatakaw kaming magpipinsan, we decided to deliver Shakey’s pizzapoopery. E kaso ang fail lang, walang sumasagot sa line ng Shakey’s so we had to go to the place mismo! Kasi we have a promo card.
Ate being her HRIM-ish self.


Then we played poker til 3 am. Nanood pa kami ng Discovery Channel eh. Hihi.

Then nung morning, we all went swimming. Sarap. :)

After packing up and before checking out, we had our last photoshoot at the helipad.

So, yeah, that’s how my vacae went. Nakakabitin diba? Miski ako super nabitin eh. BTW, I don’t own the photos. Credits goes out to my awesome cousin!


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