Short Short. How Short? Very Short. Short-y. Shawty?

Nonsense title. Hahaha! But it’s catchy, isn’t it? Hehehe, okay let’s go straight to the point.

Remember my blog about my unnoticeable haircut? If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link.

I don’t know what made me cut my hair this SHORT. If you haven’t seen me yet, and curious what ‘SHORT’ really means, well, when I say SHORT with the capital S-H-O-R-T, I really mean SHORT. Short, short, as in short. It’s a new thing about me, because whenever I get a haircut, I just ask the parlorista to trim my hair just to remove my split ends, and to make my hair healthy – yes, getting a trim once a month or after every two months will help your hair grow long faster, and healthier (based from the internet).

I can’t even believe myself that I made a life-decision in just a day! Usually, when I make life-decisions, I do a lot of research, surveys, and can’t sleep thinking about it, but THIS! I just decided about cutting my hair this SHORT in less than 24 hours. What happened?!

Well, I was quite unsure when I went to the parlor. I was thinking if I should just trim my hair or cut it really short. But I realized, I’ve been wearing the same hair since grade 4! Layered hair with side bangs, I think it’s time for a change. I wasn’t expecting such a noticeable change like this. To make things short, let’s go straight to the point.

I HAVE SHORT HAIR NOW. It sucks. Wait, no. I think it’s cool. After 834710983274109324 years of the same hairstyle, this is really the time for change!

Trivia: I took this pic before I had my haircut. But this is the length of my hair right now. It’s kind of a bob cut, but not really, kasi usually, bob cuts are way too short. Mine’s longer than the usual bob cuts. It’s long in front, then shorter at the back part. Arte ng hair ko noh? Hehe

The sad part is, I tried my best to keep my long hair for my prom on Feb, but I guess I failed in maintaining it. Sad.

Hahahaha! Of course I have my OWN reason why I cut my hair this short. Well, it’s because, as I have read articles over the net about girls who cut their hair after a break up, I’ve learned that cutting your hair is a way of showing people that you’ve moved on and ready to start a new life. Chos! But that’s actually my point! I’ve been so stressed lately, and kinda </3 (hahaha) so I think this would help me actually move on. And it really worked! After I got my hair cut, I feel relieved. Seriously. Ang gaan ng pakiramdam.

If you feel something's holding you back, or something that makes you feel bad, I suggest you cut your hair. Hahahaha! I'm not joking tho. But it's still up to you :)


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