Sembreak Day 02

Nothing much really happened today, just a normal sappy day where waking up became a challenge to me. But I could totally say that this day is different from the rest. Mom stayed at home because, well, it’s a holiday, which made me forget that today’s a Monday. I’m not a morning person, but since I have agendas set on this day, I got up at 9 – which is supposed to be our meeting time. Hay nako Filipino time! We were supposed to do (and accomplish) our poet-tree project, but since there’s no place available, we stayed at McDo for an hour or so, and believe it or not – WE DID NOTHING.

And so I went home, had lunch, took a little nap, and then mom woke up, asking me if I want to go with her at the parlor to get a haircut and stuff. Just for the sake of making this day productive, I said yes. I only trimmed my hair, for God’s sake, and mom had her hair rebonded, which is taking too long!

And again, for the sake of photo opp-ing hihihi

Happy Halloween nails!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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