Sembreak Ends Here

I got lazy by the last few days of sembreak, I don’t know why, or maybe those days were just so unproductive and nothing to blog about. Hah! I think that’s it. Yesterday was a Saturday, not a usual Saturday because we had a family date, and usually that only happens on a Sunday or when there’s a special occasion.

I was with mom the whole afternoon at her office, trying to sort out papers, it was unexpected, and I just did it because mom told me she’ll pay me a hundred per hour! It literally gave me headache! Then we went to Greenbelt to meet-up with Dad, Ate and Jun-jun who was there to meet dad’s friend.

Look what mom bought me from A’postrophe

Had dinner at Chili’s where we had unlimited nachos with unlimited salsa! Ugh, heaven!

Went home with bloated tummy, hahaha!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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