It’s a Tuesday!

What a happy day. What a stress-free week.

I love how I update my blog more often these days, sana laging ganito. It’s funny when people say “uy I read your blog”, hindi ko alam kung matutuwa ba ko or mahihiya, kasi I’m expecting for this blog to be incognito, like my multiply account. But for YOU who reads my posts, thank you, and please don’t judge. I have feelings too, yknow.


I feel happy today. Akala ko “that certain person” will ruin everything, tinext ko pa siya nung morning ng painful/emotional/super OA/super napapraning/nakakahiyang text kasi akala ko.. life took away my happy days, I even cried! I literally started this day with a big frown on my face. But it turned out to be a good one! As innn, alam niyo yung feeling ng kilig vibes? Hindi lang KV eh, SKV talaga. Super kilig vibes! Feeling ko ako yung nene na pinansin ng crush niya, ewan ko, I usually get cracked up with simple explanations that are obviously sincere and from the heart (I think so). Hahaha, pero you know when a person’s telling the truth, you just can’t stop smiling. Ang effort lang.

Malabo ba? I-text mo na lang ako o kaya i-chat, ikukwento ko sayo buong nangyari okay?

Everyone seems to be so excited about tomorrow, they’ve already packed their things, while me.. uhm, I know what bag I’ll use! Hehehe, at least I’ve done something. I’m tooo lazy to prepare for tomorrow’s retreat. O basta ha, don’t forget to smile! Be happy, be budoy.

Feeling ko medyo malabo ‘tong post kong ‘to. May naintindihan ka ba? Sorry ah, I keep on listening songs that hype me up, lalo na at this moment. Hahaha!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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