Illegally Blue

I always paint my nails even if it’s illegal. When I say illegal, I’m not allowed to paint my nails. That’s my mom’s rule. I don’t get the point. Mom said I could only paint my nails when I’m in college. Namaneh, hindi naman yun drugs para ipagbawal ako! My mom’s too conservative when it comes to beauty products or other cosmetics, palibhasa she doesn’t really use cosmetics and stuff. But she needs to know that I am in a modern world at hindi ko din kayang sabayan yung hindi niya nakasanayan. All of my friends are allowed to wear nail polish samantalang ako, parang baby na pinipingot pa kapag may nail polish! I know, sobrang nakakahiya, but friends, I am being honest here. Please don’t laugh.

But since I’m a naughty kid, I still wear nail polish pero patago and siguro pinakamahaba na ay 3 days. And I always wear the color na medyo hindi halata like light pink and flesh. I always stick to that color. Last night I tried to wear other color, this time it’s so noticeable na wala pang 24 hours yung nail polish sa kuko ko. Pero as usual, pingot lang nakuha ko kay mommy dear. Hindi na po mauulit :(

Ewan ko na lang kung hindi pa yan ma-notice

Ang saya ko pa dito eh


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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