Resolutions Unsolved

I was rereading my previous blog entries, sobrang dami kong tawa sa iba kong post. Medyo feel na feel ko teh? Hahaha! Then I saw my very first blog post in wordpress, it’s all about my 2011 resolutions and while reading each of them, natatawa na lang ako. Isa lang yata yung nagawa ko dun!! Nakakahiya pero I want you to laugh with me.

Last year’s resolutions
1. No more badwords – AS IF!! I never even thought na I wrote this as one of my resolutions. AT number one pa ha!
2. Be more PATIENT – I haven’t noticed but I think I am more being patient, especially with people.
3. Lessen my rude comments towards people/things – I keep my own opinions to myself when I know it’s not nice. Soooo.. pwede na. Heehee.
4. Pay attention to my blogs – CHECK. BIG CHECK!
5. Be more organized – I really don’t know. You tell me. Hahaha!
6. Spend money wisely – NOT SURE!
7. SLEEP BEFORE MIDNIGHT. *with exceptions – Oh hell no. Hindi ko to talaga natupad. As innnn! Kahit school days, I always sleep late.
8. Do ALL homeworks – Hahahaha! Sa umpisa ko lang to nagawa.
9. Submit projects on the right time. Avoid asking for extensions – YES!
10. Spend less for load. Meaning, lessen the use of cellphone – One word: ASA
11. Go home on or before 5 pm right after school. Except for trainings, practices and meetings – Sure. Good girl eh.
13. Be more serious and dedicated to badminton – I don’t know. But honestly, I miss playing badminton :(
14. Avoid arguing with people. Most especially with brother, ate, mom and dad – Yes! Natuto ako magcount ng 1, 2, 3 and think of happy thoughts when I get mad. Yay me!

So far, I haven’t achieved everything in my list. And I think it’s not effective anymore. Well, we don’t need list to change. And it’s never too late to change. Hindi naman porke new year eh dun ka lang magbabago. Right? I need to set my GOALS. I’m looking forward to a better year. College na ako sa 2012!!


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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