Story Telling

I’ve been busy browsing for ads that will get me rewarded for my blogs and stuff, masyado kasi akong nakoconscious with random things, my blog to be specific. I found out that I can actually be paid with actually expressing thoughts about certain things. Hopefully I could get through with nuffnang and churpchurp.

Okay time to tell stories na! First, I wanted to express how happy I am with my doodle for Saab’s blog (Spell Saab – FILED planner giveaway). I know I didn’t win and the winners really deserved the planners more than I do, but still, my work was one of Saab’s favorite entries and I’m really reallllyyyy flattered. I never expected for that kasi the moment I was browsing other entries, medyo nawawalan na ako ng pag-asa. But when I got the message from a friend telling me na Saab liked my work, I almost cried. Hahahaha, ang babaw.

Second, today’s the last Friday of 2011. Wala lang. Kailangan ba ng merry making? Pero kanina, Ortiz relatives were here to celebrate new year kasi tomorrow we’ll be busy with Dumasal naman. Last December 25, we were also with “THE ORTIZtics”. Masyado yata naming namiss ang isa’t isa. Today we had roasted chicken, kare-kare, letson and other guilty pleasures. We also skyped with our relatives from Houston, we did facetime!

Me in grey – alam mo yung atat na kumain ng letson? Ako yuno!

Relatives in Houston. Salakot Boy’s missing in action, birthday pa naman niya tomorrow :(

Third, I found a new style icon!!! My sister influenced me in watching 90210, then this girl really caught my attention because of her fashion statement – Ivy Sullivan (Gillian Zinsner). Her way of dressing herself is not too girly but not too boyish which I really like. Gusto kong palitan lahat ng laman ng closet ko with her clothes, chos. :)

Fourth, few days to go before 2012, and as a tradition, I always make a list of new year’s resolution which I never follow. Nasusunod ko lang siya siguro from January to February then I always get lost the remaining months. So I’m still thinking if I should make a list for 2012. I’m also thinking about cutting my hair shorter, or whatsoever para naman may bago sa akin this year, pero I guess I already made a lot of changes this 2011; from long hair to short, braces, dropped a little weight. So.. bahala na what will happen next.

I guess that’s all. Tomorrow we’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve at my lolo and lola’s house and hopefully we won’t use firecrackers and shit that explodes because I think it’s not the sense of new year. And yes, tatalon pa din ako and I won’t forget to put coins/bills in my pocket while jumping para maraming income this year. Hehe! Stay safe everyone!!



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