I have to admit it, I’m getting lazy in managing this blog already. I have a private blog which is password protected and I put there everything – daily happenings, feelings about a certain person, and many more. But I still have to keep this blog going..

Last night was probably the best night of my high school life. Prom. Ay wait, before I blog everything out, let me just say this.. Nakakatawa yung mga nagsastatus or nagtutweet ng “Best prom ever!!!” Guys! It’s the ONLY prom so basically, walang good, better or best. Just saying :)

For the sake of updating my followers, I’ll do my best in telling every recent happenings in my life, e well, prom lang naman yung latest na nangyari so I have no choice but to blog it away. I don’t know how and where to start kasi it’s already 1:30 AM and honestly, I’m too lazy to write every single detail so if it’s okay with you.. yung highlights na lang :)

Prom week was a bit rough for me. It was the time when everyone, lalo na the boys, were panicking on how to ask the girl of their dreams to be their prom dates and last dance. Nung una medyo kinikilig pa ako e, I even support my close guy friends to do their things pero I got tired of watching the kilig moments, ewan ko kung bitter lang ba ako kasi I know no one will ask me out to the prom, bitter nga siguro. But anyway, wala naman talaga akong plano to have a date. Whenever I see girls screaming with tears while holding flowers, I just say, “Tangina mga tao. Nakakagago a.” JOKINGLY. You see, this happens when you keep on watching romantic films, you get your hopes up and eventually, get your heart broken because of high expectations. I want to enjoy the prom with my friends, not focusing on just one person the entire night. This was also the time when I learned wearing two and a half inches heels for hours while dancing! Cotillion practices were as hassle as fuck, pero I enjoyed naman the practices. Two consecutive weeks shortened periods due to practices kasi we crammed all through out the prom.

The night before the prom, mom and I are arguing about the make-up artist who’s going to do my face, gusto ko kasi yung teacher ko dati (Yves Marcelo) who is a professional make-up artist na ngayon, I told her the price which is mura kasi discounted na. But she insisted because she knows someone ne 500 lang daw, I was expecting a bad result since 500 pesos.. Come on! Ayoko magmukhang bakla. No offense, but I know sir Yves will do better than my mom’s friend. But I have no choice, mom’s the decision-maker in this house so siya ang dapat masunod. I got reeeally upset when the make-up artist shaved my eyebrow! I have no plans in shaving them, tapos pagkita ko sa salamin, sooobrang ikli na lang at ang taas pa! I look gayshit! And the make-up, it was a bit OA, and sobrang kapal. I don’t know, I’m not quite happy with the result. I was expecting for it, though. And the prom dress I bought, it looked ugly the moment I wore it. Bakit nung nasa mall ang ganda ng itsura. Nagsisi ako kasi I’ve tried a lot of dresses and picked the worst. Nakaka-BV lang talaga. And I look fat. Fuck

I didn’t enjoy the prom like my other batch mates did. The only fun part was when everyone was dancing the night away AND dinner. Nung sayawan na, I saw the other side of my friends. Sooobrang wild, and I felt grateful that night. The best part? When my best guy friend danced me. Not once, but twice. So priceless. The night before prom kasi, we had an argument. First time na nag-away kami because of really personal issue. While (slow)dancing (CHOS), he told me EVERYTHING, and it’s the first time I saw him smile like that.. :)

And did I mention that I was asked out by one close friend, I said yes kasi he proposed in front of my house in a really sweet way but I turned him down thru text because of.. personal issues. I felt sorry, but I think it’s the right thing to do. And yes, I was being so emotional the night before prom. Thank you.

I’ll stop muna here kasi I’m still having a hangover minus my face, my dress, my whole body and everything. And kung napansin niyo, I didn’t include pictures kasi I look ugly as fuck. Maybe I will post some photos where I’m not in it. I’m that ugly. What is insecure. :)


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