SOTD: The Motto by Drake feat. Lil Wayne

Remember my blog about my dream being a rapper (Prolly you will if you’re an avid reader of my blog hihi)? Here‘s the link if you’re interested. And yes, I still manage my check list. Recently lang, I listened one Drake song sa radio, BV ako that time pero the moment I was listening to it napapa-medium head bang ako with matching poker face pa din, tapos hindi ko maintindihan yung lyrics, “err day” lang yung naiintindihan ko, plus I don’t know the title! So I went straight to lyricserver pero walang lumalabas kasi nga “err day” lang yung naintindihan ko sa kanta. :( But I didn’t stop there, went to YouTube, clicked every Drake song.. after 47582342349 songs, NAHANAP KO DIN! I don’t know what made me memorize this song but I don’t care kasi I really want to be a rapper :P Walang pakialamero, please. Hehe!

Hindi ako fast learner lalo na when it comes to mala-tongue twister rap songs like this. It really takes time, at nakakasawa din pero I guess I’m that motivated to be patient in memorizing the lines. What I always do first is I write down the lyrics, then sasabayan ko yung song, siguro 15 times pwede na? Then araw-araw, I try to sing it without copy. 5 lines per day. Wala lang, shinare ko lang baka kasi meron sainyo na gusto maging rapper. Hahahaha!

PS. You know I’m joking about this dream right? Hahahahaha! I just find rapping as interesting as fuck, nothing serious about it. Not even thinking about making a cover of me rapping Drake songs. :P


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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