Day 01 Hell Week

Final exam starts on 28 and yet, I haven’t studied a single shit. Laziness is taking over my life. Sabi ko nung Friday, it’ll be my last day on Twitter and Tumblr until after exam and will start studying on Saturday. Sabi ko naman nung Saturday, “nah shit, I’ll start on Sunday.” Sunday came, and look what I’m doing! Fucking school. Can we just fast forward to part where I’m chillaxing for summer instead of worrying for my final exam? Sakto pa, physics first subject. Omygooooosh, I’ve never been this lazy! Dear Lord, help me get through all this worries and stress.

Tomorrow will be my last regular class in my entire high school life. So I’m saving my emotions for the following days. Bye for now! I have to stop myself from procrastinating. But I’ll workout first before I start with physics, getting ready for a stressful week. I promise, pagkatapos nun, no more distractions, just books and notebooks. I have to do this.

BTW, another thing I’m sad about, he chose basketball over me. Unf. :(
Nah just kidding. It’s always been basketball. I’m just an option. (HAHAHAHAHAHA tamang emote lang.)

Hell week, come at me brawh!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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