Bye, Hell Week!

Over – Drake

Wala lang, I just think inserting a song related to my blog post would be more dramatic and shit. Hehe. I can make this as my SOTD pero nah, I’ll just put it here. Hi baby Drake, why you so hawt.

Sabi ko I’ll write everything here through out the week just for the sake of updating pero as usual, tinalk shit ko na naman sarili ko. Talk about being crazy lazy busy. Wow that rhymed! Anywho, I can’t believe the fact that hell week is over, but the sad part is, me being a senior student is almost over, few days to go and I’m entering college already! Shit, high school life is over.

So what happened this week? I only did three things in 4 days. Work, eat, sleep. HAH just kidding! It wasn’t that unproductive as you think it is, in fact, this week was so different from the rest of periodical weeks of my entire existence in DLA. Ask me why! My typical exam week is going home straight from school, take a 5-hour nap, eat then study until 2-4 in the morning, repeat process for 4 straight days. Pero ngayong quarter, every day doesn’t feel like exam week at all, as in hindi ako ganun na-pressure unlike any other quarters. Tuesday was the first day of our final exam, e since my friends were requesting for a group study, I offered my place, as usual, group ‘study’ turned out to be group ‘tambay’ and stuff. We watched TV the whole afternoon. Nung time na nilalabas ko na yung books ko sabi ni AD (my best friend), “wag na yan!” palibhasa kasi matalino na siya di na niya kailangan magreview, nakakainsulto. Hahaha! Books were scattered everywhere pero parang props lang yun. Wednesday and Thursday, we did the same thing, my friend even brought DVDs so we could watch movies! O daba. I remember last periodical, the day before Math, we went swimming at my friend’s condo! PS, it was totally unplanned so we’re wearing our uniforms while swimming. Another good thing about this exam week, first day yung kasumpa-sumpang Physics!! Unlike last time, last day pa yung Physics so tatlong araw kaming namomroblema, e ngayon, right after Physics, we all feel relieved as fuck! Para akong binunutan ng tinik e. Pagkatapos na pagkatapos ko ipasa yung test paper ko sa Physics, tinitigan ko muna siya and I said, “Good bye Physics, SEE YOU NEVER!!”

Today’s Friday and I’ve never been this happy, relieved, calmed and stress-free! Cheers to the freakin’ weekend talaga! So tonight, I can do anything I want to do, I’ll stay up late not because of reviewing but updating all my shit! Aaaaahhhh I’m so happy! TGIF! :)

Oops, I forgot, we still have one test to take this coming week. NAT (Nat’l Achievement Test) but fuck that who needs review. And another thing, we still have classes this week for the NAT review then grad practices the entire month. Okay lang basta walang nakakaantok na lessons and homeworks, after grad, I’m finally free from stress and worries! Thank you, Lord!


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