Watsup coconut? It’s been so long.. *insert Akon’s Right Now* Hahahahaha, K! So I haven’t blogged for days since the ‘drama’ happened. I read it again and narealize ko na pwede na kong pangsoap opera sa post ko. Hahahahaha! Gusto ko sana idelete kaso, for future reference din. Kapag nagpakwento sakin mga anak ko, ipapabasa ko sakanila yun. Hahaha ok kidding!

So how have you been, online and real life buddies? (as if namang magcocomment kayo ditech). Sobrang dami kong utang, and as what I’ve promised before, I’ll keep this updated after all the school works and shit. I’m so sorry, nagdaan na ang ilang weeks na grad practices, final exams, farewell party pero ni isa parang wala yata akong nalagay dito.

Graduation practices or what we like to call, boring sleepy hours are almost over! Few days to go before judgement day. Kung effective ba ang mga ginagawa nilang pananakot at pagpapaasa samin para lang umayos kami sa practice, magkakaalaman na this Saturday!

I honestly hate going to school for practice, but I’ll surely miss this place

So today we had our Baccalaureate mass. I thought I would be going to that special occasion all by myself kasi mom said that she had an important meeting, so of course I got sad but then I found out na some of my classmates’s parents aren’t going too because of work. But the night before the mass, mom said she was going so ako naman, got really excited kaso dad wasn’t going because of work din. One thing I hate about this day is we still had a short graduation practice, pero sobrang saglit lang and I think it’s just less than an hour and the entire time, I wasn’t paying attention kasi I was playing Temple Run.

The word “Thanksgiving” looks like “Thanksgibing” sa tarp. Of all the font styles in MS Word, bakit yan pa pinili niyo.

Just my mom using her +~..sKiLLszSzX..~+ in photography. Hahahaha oh mom, I love you

I had to post this because.. I look thin here. Hahahaha! Kidding. I love these girls :)

Just sir Jhun

Because smiling is too mainstream.


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