Love Sick

Today’s our general rehearsal for graduation, ngayon pa ako tinamad pumasok. Kagabi pa, mom asked what time will I go to school the next day, sabi ko “the usual po. 8” tapos mga 2 am ko na naalala na 1:30 nga pala kami papasok. So today I woke up around 11 something kasi I have to print something, tapos sobrang lamig pa because it rained. Thanks rain, you’re ruining summer. And I have slight dysmenorrhea because it’s my first day (yay me for being a woman).

That’s how he cuddles me :)


Did I mention that tomorrow will be this little kid’s graduation? I’m so proud of you, baby boy! Big boy ka na, pero you’re still our baby. ♥
I feel really sick right now. Sana mawala na to and hindi umabot ng graduation :(


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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