*Bad, Dirty Word*

This would be my first blog post using my new laptop (thanks mom, thanks dad!). And since I know you’ve missed me, here’s a little something for you guize

Hehe wala lang. A little papansin? Yesterday, mom and dad bought me this laptop since sabi nila kailangan ko daw to for college. As in seriously, I didn’t see this coming. Totoo nga, “things come when you least expect them.” So okay moving on, hindi yung yung main point ng blog na to. Right at this moment, I want you to know what exactly how and what I feel. Wait..

Ajsdfkhjsdjghsdfvnsrejgieprfkera’;gfl,er;fgokerpokgfseoihfnsjdfnviurehtiaowkjefm;lskdnf;aoiwehawljnf;avnaoihepowjp’awjtia’rnganoergjvmisht’ngartapweojtmga vfpnvipkrfmapowe’jrapweikrnawitghaivorjenviron’raetgoisehtgnoisre vkbsnlkgnseirojtisreojg

OO bago computer ko pero sjfh;j;hg;jfdhg naiirita talaga ako you know!!!!!!!! If you’ve read my previous blog about my plans for my seventeenth, you can tell how fvckin excited I was!!!! Yung EK plan na yun, dapat tomorrow yun but since one person can’t go because of important things (we can’t leave without him kasi.. yun). So I did everything to postpone it on another available day, kaso ‘everything’ wasn’t enough. Halos buong araw kong iniisip yung EK EK na yun and the transpo and shit, masyado na akong nasestress.. AYOKO NA!! I know it won’t happen anymore kasi number 1, we don’t have transpo. Number 2, mom and dad said NO, and when they say no.. they really mean it. Sabi nila magpakain nalang daw ako dito or somewhere else. Hindi naman sa nagrereklamo ako or what but I want this to be special since.. baka last birthday ko na to with my HS friends! The following birthdays won’t be the same anymore, rest assured. What hurts more is we’ve been planning for this for MONTHS!! Imagine, before we start practicing for graduation, we’ve already planned for this. I really hate turning people down, so right at this moment I don’t know how to tell my friends that the EK thing’s a little bit impossible.

I want to cry, scream, answer my parents back, and do crazy things.. but I know wala naman akong mapapala. Actually deep inside I am really sad, disappointed and angry pero on the outside, poker face. Ayoko lang ipahalata sa parents ko kung ano yung nararamdaman ko kasi ako din matatalo in the end.

So maybe tis the time to make plan B since plan A is 10% possible to happen na lang. My friend’s condo is the only hope.. I wish, I wish. And I do believe.

AHHHHH words can’t explain how irritated and disappointed I am right now!!!!!! *insert random bad, dirty words here*


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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