It’s More Fun in Benilde!

Yesterday was our Frosh Orientation Program, also known as FOP. It was fun, although super awkward lang nung simula. As in the activities they prepared, it wasn’t that appropriate for new people around us. There’s a game, I forgot the title, where you have to pick a partner tapos they’ll give three specific body parts, then kailangan namin ipagdikit yung body part na yun. Eh that time my seatmate was a dude! He’s kinda good looking so as usual it was the perf definition of awkwardness. But anyway, hindi naman yun yung highlight ng orientation.

We also had the campus tour. Although it was hella tiring, it was all worth it. Got to see the inner beauty of SDA bldg. And and and ano pa ba? I also got to meet my awesome blockmates, I alr have my first friends in college and you don’t know how happy and thrilled I am right nowww.

I dont know what else to say. Im just too lazy to tell every single detail of the FOP, Im sorry.

In two days, college life will start and I still couldnt believe the fact that highschool days are over, me and my batchmates have gone our separate ways and my bestfriends are not with me anymore. :( Sad but I have to move on.

Hahahaha! Tamang drama lang :)


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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