Random thought just about now: I think I’m not gonna blog anything related to churpchurp anymore. Fucking useless. Sorry for the word but it’s really fucking useless. Although some of it find it useful, I don’t. I’ve been registered to churpchurp since last year and my money’s 12 pesos until now! Hahahahaha okay now we all know how I suck at promoting products, sooooo.. hahahahaha! Pero I still believe that there’s a room for improvements. Wait and see.

It’s not the main point of this post. The purpose of this is to let you know na I only have Sunday to rest!!!!! Shit I can’t even imagine myself walking down the hallways of SDA!!! Parang yesterday lang, grad prac lang. Then the next day, omggg!!! Sana makatulog pa ko bukas :(

So okay I alr talked to myself abt college life. I’ve heard a lot of advices and tips and stories pero shempers wala pa ring tatalo sa self avice. Haha! Here are some things I have to achieve before I graduate (yes graduate talaga kahit 3/4 years away pa ko).

1. Parents keep on telling me not to be involved in any frats or sororities. I KNOW NAMAN THAT! Pero even though I know na not all frats have bad intentions, I still know where my limits are when it comes to groupies and stuff. So NO FRATS/SORORITIES. Just barkadas and good friends :)

2. College is full of BIs. In fact, it’s everywhere I go. Lalo na “daw” in Taft. As much as I want to surround myself with GI people, I know there will still be people who’s willing to do everything to influence me/us w not so good deeds ;) not so good deeds are yosi, drugs, sex and more and more and more. I don’t want to ruin my life, I want to finish college without getting involved with those things..

3. Aim high. It’s the no. one thing on my list. During our FOP last Thursday, the grading system was discussed to us and honestly speaking, I’m still confused. It’s way too distinct from highschool grading system. Sobrang dami pang echos, and when I say sobrang dami I really mean it. But I always keep in mind to AIM HIGH. Kung dati sabi ko sa sarili ko “kahit sa top 10 lang oks na”, but now it’s gonna be diff. Yes, I wanna be in the DL, 1st honor DL. Quote ko this time is, “I wanna make my folks proud!” so this time it’s all going to be aral, aral, aral and a little party. Hahahaha!

So far, yan pa lang naman yung nasa list ko and hopefully madagdagan pa with good targets. Fingers and toes crossed!! I want my college life to be lapse free! :)

Oh FYI, kaleds is my term for college, for those who’re baffled. ;)


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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