Tomorrow will be my first day in college. Everything’s diff. From subjects to profs to schedule to the people around, it’s way too different from high school. Esp that I’m in an art school, I can’t deny the fact that I’m a girl and I’m into guys. So.. hahahahaha! Please don’t think that this is all abt kalandian cause it’s not. Read before you judge :)

Long story short. What I’m looking for in a guy is/it turns me on..

1. When a guy wears these

Or something that looks like this:

And this. Minus the piercings :)

So in short, has a really good taste when it comes to fashion. Lalo na when he dresses like a skaterboy look :>

2. When he listens to same music as I do

But of course it’s a major turn on if he likes old good music too. Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd, KISS, Nirvana, The Smiths, etc. But if he doesn’t it’s ok as long as he respects my taste when it comes to music. And oh, I somehow like Bieber, Cody Simpson and One Direction, too. “Respect be gets respect.” Hahahaha your argument is invalid.
PS. For guys out there, it’s a turn off if you actually don’t like the artist/genre but you “pretend” you’re into it. Please, don’t.

3. When he’s into sports.
Any type of sports. Basketball, volleyball, football or badminton. Whatever sport that is, it’s a sign that you’re a real dude. Hahaha, kidding. But by hook or by crook, it’s good to know that a guy has his own past time.. in a good way :)

Super MAJOR turn on! :)

5. When he’s into arts
I like guys who’s into same things as I do. Whether it’s a form of painting, literature, photography, drawing, basta art :) I believe that artistic guys have more endearing personality than the rest. Hahaha echos lang. Pero turn on pa din. That’s why I love my course. Hahahaha! Oops!

These are SOME of the things that turns me on, meaning, I still have a lot which I didn’t mention but I guess I’m keeping it as an enigma to everyone.

PS. Shempers wala pa ding tatalo sa loyal, dedicated, honest, sweet, caring, tall and handsome, mabait, has sense of humour, funny, outgoing, open minded, positive, mabango, has good manners, God fearing, extrovert, happy go lucky na lalaki!! :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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