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MUST HAVES by camillebianca featuring illamasqua nail polish

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Things I Find Annoying

Here are some reasons why I sometimes despise the world and the people in it. This post is not intended to offend or provoke people. ☺ People who call themselves fat or ugly, when they’re OBVIOUSLY not. Most people say … Continue reading

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I’ve been making my to-do list for days now, and I think it’s kinda effective since one of my things to accomplish is TO BE ORGANIZED, and also, for me to stay in track. Yes, kinda lang. Kasi minsan I … Continue reading

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TGIF and F and F and F and F

You really know how I suck with the titles for every blog post. Oh well papel, what matters most is the content. Anywho, so another week has passed and new one’s nearly approaching. The thought of having classes from Monday … Continue reading

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Plug Schmug.

Can I just plug on one of my post? Hahahaha why am I even asking, this is my blog anyway. So… I want to keep things as organized as possible, since I’m starting to make school/art related works, I don’t … Continue reading

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Happy Thursday!

I’m so in the mood to blog right now because of… what do you think? Hahaha! After 34841905810, I now finally changed my boring theme/design. Although it’s still simple, mas nakakagana magblog. Or maybe sa umpisa lang to, pero sana … Continue reading

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Like a Plastic Bag

Quarter to 12 mn, I was doing my BIBSTUD essay, I was sleepy, dizzy, drowsy, sluggish… then this one good friend PMed me on facebook, telling me to click and watch the link. Akala ko it’s a song… song nga … Continue reading

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Lackluster Tuesday

This day went too fast. Di ko masyadong nafeel yung subjects and bondings and stuff. But don’t you dare question me abt what and how I feel abt certain things because trust me, I am A-OKAY! But by hook or … Continue reading

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Week 1 & 2

Hi, mates! I know you miss me. I know you really do. No? Okay. Hahahaha! It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, it’s raining and it’s the perf cuddle weather. The sad part is, I don’t have a cuddle buddy. But yeah, … Continue reading

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