Lackluster Tuesday

This day went too fast. Di ko masyadong nafeel yung subjects and bondings and stuff. But don’t you dare question me abt what and how I feel abt certain things because trust me, I am A-OKAY! But by hook or by crook, there are particular things that frets me in some ways… like… wait, no one prolly cares. ☺

Pero I don’t wanna talk about it here. Let’s just be happy happy happy! Cause that’s what life is all about. Hahaha! Whaaat? I don’t know what exactly to write but for the sake of updating this blog, can I just write everything in bullets. Ps, in random order.

  • I’m still a hundred percent motivated in reaching my goals this sem. Ayoko magexpect masyado na for the rest of my college life I’ll be in the Dean’s List but what’s wrong with hoping diba? But for now I think it’s much better
    if I settle muna for the least I can. Ayoko lang istress sarili ko sa pressure.
  • I entered college TO STUDY. Emphasis on that kasi a lot of people are saying, “o sino na boyfriend mo ngayong college?” “o kamusta love life sa college?” I know I have a post about boys in college and stuff but that doesn’t mean I’m looking for a boyfriend or a serious relationship! Get real bro.
  • I have the MOST AWESOME friends and I’m in the best block everrr! O daba, what more can I ask? The laughters, the bondings and stuff… mas nakakagana pumasok everyday. I know in the coming future, I’ll miss this. Kaya I value every single day when I’m w them. Yuck cheesy. But my heart’s still in high school :(
  • In the beginning, I’m really pleased going to a school without required uniforms and shit. BUT NOW bloody hell, I’m really having a hard time choosing what to wear. It’s my everyday dilemma!!! :(
  • Third week pa lang pero I feel like we’re overloaded agad, not with projects pero with homeworks and activities. Hindi sa nagrereklamo or what pero… wala lang. I’m just saying na I can feel the college life alr. Hahahaha! Okay, ang labo.
  • I’m hungry. So I guess it’s the time where I have to grab a snack to make my tummy happy.
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