Happy Thursday!

I’m so in the mood to blog right now because of… what do you think? Hahaha! After 34841905810, I now finally changed my boring theme/design. Although it’s still simple, mas nakakagana magblog. Or maybe sa umpisa lang to, pero sana hindi. Or maybe nagkataon lang na I don’t have homeworks for tomorrow kaya G ako magblog ngayon. Lol who cares anyway.

Anywho, today’s Thursday and tomorrow’s Friday (ok???) AGAIN. Grabe sobrang bilis! Parang nung Monday lang sabi namin na parang wala lang yung weekend. Tapos tomorrow TGIF na naman? Then weekend, then it’s alr my fourth week in college! Can we slow down things a little bit? Sigh…

Because I am in the mood, let me tell you everything that happened to me today ☺
I woke up at around 5 something kasi I was almost late yesterday, ayoko na maulit ulit yung heart-pounding moment and mini heart attack so nagalarm na ko on my own. Medyo nagworry din kasi ako na baka hindi ko ulit marinig yung katok ng maid namin kasi 3 AM na ko natulog. Don’t ask why. I left the house at 6.15 I think? Tapos sakto, Tas Trans pa yung nasakyan kong bus. Just so you know, it’s the fastest bus in town so if you’re really in a hurry, better take that bus, although madalas nga lang puno kaya you’ll stand there depende na lang kung mabawasan yung passengers. But trust me, it’s worth the wait. ☺ Kung kailan naman ako umalis sa bahay ng maaga, dun ako nakasakay sa Tas Trans. Believe it or not, I only travelled for about 20 minutes! Mostly kasi, almost an hour talaga. Minsan nga more than an hour pa kasi traffic during rush hours. But yeah, 20 minutes, osum posum!

I arrived at Taft so early so I guess we waited for my other blockmates for 20-30 minutes? Not sure because I took a short nap kasi I was hella sleepy and I feel so tired kahit na wala pa akong ginagawa masyado that time. And I wasn’t the only one who took a nap inside Seven-11!! Abby took a nap, too. Hahahaha!

Corwrit was our first subject and tbh, it was a bit boring for me, pero it was kinda interesting din kasi ang cool naman ng prof namin. I was asleep with my eyes open the whole period! Hahahaha! Zombie mode was on. After Corwrit was Algeb-X. Lab lang namin today so nagsweatwork lang kami. It wasn’t that easy, pero it wasn’t that difficult din. Sobrang bait at considerate ng prof namin kaya medyo naging group work siya kasi we’re allowed to ask and teach others. Cool daba? I think our prof in Algeb’s the only prof who loves dismissing us early. So kanina we had an early lunch. Half of FMA1 had their lunch sa SDA caf, and half sa University Mall na naging McDonald’s na lang. Since we all miss eating at McDo. PE was our last subject and it was HELL. Sobrang init sa venue namin and sobrang boring pa. Good thing we had an early dismissal din, yey!

Right after PE, we went to the caf (csb main) to buy drinks. Tapos we went to check out the orgs kasi nga we don’t wanna be orgless. Hahaha, sounds odd. Nakailang ikot pa kami kasi hindi talaga kami makadecide which org to join. May isa, I forgot the name of the org na parang carpentry lang naman :( sorry if I sound mean, but I don’t see the sense of that org. Although mababait and friendly nung mga tao dun sa booth, I was just sure na it wasn’t the org I was looking for. Then we saw MediaMax yata yun, not sure, pero it’s somehow related to our course. Parang about films and stuff din yata, kaso one of friends said na yun na nga yung gagawin namin para sa course, tapos yun pa yung org na sasalihan namin? And nagaalangan din kami sa mga projects and activities, nagwoworry kami na baka magmix-up yung org activities sa academics. Good thing one of my blockmates has this friend na nagrecruit samin, ewan ko, I just heard one of them saying na if we joined the org and become official members, we’ll get 60% discount sa tuition. It was Benildean Press Corps. It’s the org I’m looking for! I signed up right away, not because of the 60% thingy I’ve heard, pero I knew it was the right org for me. Web layouts, Photography, Journalism, etc. And I guess you have to pick one specific field you’re joining, I think I have to go with Web Layouts. ☺

And I think it’s the most prolific booth I’ve come across because of their free published works. It made me more excited about joining their org. ☺

Riiiich! I swear one day, you’ll see my bootifull name on one of those books/magazines/articles. ☺


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2 Responses to Happy Thursday!

  1. Yves Saint Laurant says:

    Awesome :)

    • Camille Ortiz says:

      Ohkhay? I though some famous fashion blogger left a comment on my nonsense blog. HAHAHA, but thanks Ysal :”>

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