TGIF and F and F and F and F

You really know how I suck with the titles for every blog post. Oh well papel, what matters most is the content. Anywho, so another week has passed and new one’s nearly approaching. The thought of having classes from Monday to Friday makes me blaeugh. ☹ Seryoso, nakakatamad. The 2 to 3-hour classes, the no-breaks-per-day, the boring profs… and many many many more. So much for the negatives of college, napakarami din namang positive na ayoko ng imention lahat dito kasi one page is not enough. Hehe

My day went ugh how do I say this… humdrum? Dull? Uninteresting? Boring? Medyo ganun but with a twist. Everyone’s planning kasi about the FSN (Frosh Solidarity Night) like the entire day! I was having second thoughts whether I’d go or not, kasi I have a dilemma with my parents. I already bought my ticket the other day which cost P150, but guess what, I never got the chance to use the ticket for myself! But good thing my blockmate has a friend who’s in dire need of FSN tix so I decided to sell mine. So much about the FSN… I’m kinda happy with my decision to stay at home on a Friday night TO DO ALL MY SCHOOL WORKS, though I haven’t finished anything yet so, tomorrow maybe? Hahaha!

The highlight of this day is… *drum rollzzzzz* my Benildean Press Corps interview!!! I’m so stoked. I’ve never even saw this opportunity coming. Parang nung una lang, nagiikot lang kami ng friends ko sa Greenway Square to look for an org. We were clueless. Until sa nakahanap kami (ayun nga, BPC) got interested, inquired, applied and everything. We even took an exam about the section we applied for, and I swear, it’s the most intricate exam I’ve ever encountered in my entire existence – chos lang. Hahahaha! But ALMOST! Ganun siya kaexagge. But one thing I felt happy about is… kanina the layout editor (who interviewed me) said one really medyo-unforgettable compliment about my answers in the last part of the test – which is finding the errors in an article and we have to write the explanation. Sobrang hiyang hiya nga ako sa sagot ko kasi I really have no idea at all, meron siguro sobrang konti, but I swear, SOBRANG KONTI! But he said, “a good layout editor must read first the entire article before he creates a layout. I didn’t even thought that you’d find a little error like this.” If you can’t understand what I’m saying… SORRY KASI AKO DIN MEDJ NALABUAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Kasi the last part of the exam was a newspaper article, pero dummy text lang yung nakalagay pero nakalayout siya, and we have to find ten errors. Syempre ako, I’m totally clueless so basta basta na lang. I really read the ENTIRE article kahit sobrang nonsense niya like “pig pork ham pork chop yummy delicious pork pig fat. pork” YES GANYAN LANG. E I found a little error na pinagisipan ko pang mabuti whether I should include it as a valid answer or not. But I wrote it anyway. Nilagay ko “pork. The letter “p” should be capitalized since it comes after a punctuation mark.” Then the interviewer said “VERY GOOD” with a thumbs up! Hahahaha, I blushed. Over-all, I did enjoy the interview. Although at first parang gusto ko ng sumabog sa sobrang kaba, but it went out really good. The two interviewers seemed happy about my answers naman. Well, sana. I still have to wait til Tuesday for their announcements, though. I’m really nervous about the result kasi I really want this. And yes, I am willing to spend 10 hours a week for this org.

Currently bracing myself for FSN-related tweets and stats. Okay lang, I’ve been preparing for this for hours! Hahahaha! Nah kidding. I enjoyed the night naman all by myself and it only means na Friday nights alone can be well spent, seryoso.

What sucks is I haven’t started any of my school works just yet. If you’re an avid stalker of my Twitter account (hahahaha kainis), you’ll see that as of June 15, 2012 from 6:00 PM – present, I’ve been Tweeting stuff about ME STARTING/FINISHING ALL MY SCHOOL RELATED WORKS but guess what, I’ve finished none. @-) I’m blaming everything around me which made me sluggish the entire night. HAHAHA, nakakainis ulit. Well, I’m considering this night as my rest night so might as well start tomorrow na lang. Promise!!

I believe almost everyone one of you had fun today, so congratulations! And for those who has the same state of affairs like I do, cheers! To the freakin weekend. =)) okay medyo hindi na ko aware sa sinasabi ko so bye for now. Have good life! Remember, YOLO. Be happy! Eat! Pray! Love!

Yeah, kids.


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