Things I Find Annoying

Here are some reasons why I sometimes despise the world and the people in it. This post is not intended to offend or provoke people. ☺

  • People who call themselves fat or ugly, when they’re OBVIOUSLY not. Most people say those things just to fish for compliments. Stop it, you’re not a fisher
  • People on my contact who sends GM (group message) and at the end, they write, “NO PMs please” or “No replies please.” Why the fuck did you send a group message if you don’t want any replies?!
  • People on my contact who sends NONSENSE and NON-STOP group messages. Those who keep on sending things they’re doing, places they’ve been to, people they’ve hung out with, songs they’re listening to, movies they’ve watched or activities they’ve done in a day. Three words for you, friend: I don’t care.
  • Those who use hashtag on Facebook and on text messages. They obviously don’t know what’s that for. People, when you hashtag words on Twitter, it becomes clickable and searchable. And when you hashtag words on Facebook or on text, NOTHING HAPPENS.
  • Those people (on Twitter) who hashtag EVERYTHING. #hahaha I’m so #funny #lol #sarapkumain #yuuummmm #inggitkayonoh? Dude, you’re not Justin Bieber
  • Those people who post photos of everything. As in literally everything. What they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Or photos of what they bought. Sabi nga ng daddy ko, bakit kailangan mo pang ipost yung mga shinopping mo? Just to show people you’re rich, ganun? Okay lang naman siguro magpost, wag lang yung sobra sobra. A little privacy, siguro?
  • People who swear too much.
  • Couples who love each other like there’s no more tomorrow. Hahaha!! Don’t get me wrong, okay? I’m not bitter or anything. I just find this funny and a little annoying. Yung couple na magkasama na nga few hours ago tapos “I miss you grabe when can I see you again?” Okaya yung every comment “I love you, babe. FOREVER mmmmwah!!!!” Uhm, uso text?
  • People (esp boys) who don’t study. Or I mean, walang ineexert na effort sa studies. Major turn off din. I find this annoying when people ask stuff as if absent sila during discussions, or umaasa lang sa kopya. Lalo na pag sakin kumopya tapos sobrang laki nung effort na binigay ko dun sa homework na yun. Okay sana kung nagtatanong or nagpapaturo sa lesson, pero yung zero effort talaga. Not that I’m being too selfish, pero sana lang alam nila yung limits nila.
  • Boys who are pacute and kunyari sweet when all they want from you is to satisfy their needs. Psh, laos na yan!
  • The know-it-all. Actually okay lang naman if you know things about everything, it only becomes annoying when I start talking tapos biglang sisingit na “Ay oo alam ko yan…” tapos ikaw na magkukwento nung dapat na ikukwento ko. Nakakabastos lang ng konti.
  • People who over use emoticons. “Hahahaha :))))))))) =)))) :D OMG :P di ko alam yun ah!! :O!! Grabeee :)))))) hahahahahaha =))))))))” May “haha” na nga may “=))” pa? Gano ka-funny ba yan?
  • People who tweet just for the sake of gaining their tweet counter. Yung tipong word per word yung tweet, dumami lang yung tweets.
  • Those people who have a photo album on Facebook full of their faces. I’m not against vain people, kasi honestly, I do have a vain side, pero yung self dedicated album tapos almost the same lahat ng poses. Pati damit pare pareho. Same day lang pala.
  • People (esp BOYS) na nagpaparinig through status, whether on Facebook or Twitter. Nakalagay pa sa status “kung matapang ka harapin mo ko di yang puro ka salita, ina mo gago!” Akala ko sarili niya yung sinasabihan niya. Hahahaha! Okay, kidding. Pero it’s really annoying. Lalo na pag boys, sorry but I find it funny and annoying talaga. Sainyo pa talaga mismo nanggaling na “harapin mo ko kung totoo ka” OMG lang, guys. =))
  • Those people who keep on posting stuff on Facebook related to God and other healing posts. Like, “share if you care, scroll down if you ignore.” ano ba. Since when did sharing posts on Facebook healed a cancer patient? And liking or sharing those stuff won’t change my faith and love for my God. May mapost lang eh. Grow up naman.
  • So far, yan pa lang naman yung nasa list ko. WAG NIYO NANG DAGDAGAN PLEASE. Hahahaha! I repeat, for those people who find this relevant, this is not meant to offend you or what. I’m not pertaining to specific people okay? This is just my point of view. ☺


    About Camille Ortiz

    Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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