Hey Haters

I’m so sick of people who question and judge me for my taste in music. I do get their point in any way – I listen to different random music genres, and some say that I’m a show off. Worse is, some would say that I’m just “pacool” or social climber or whatsoever because I post stuff like Beatles, Frank O, The Smiths, Mac Miller, The Maine and some other “cool” stuff (daw) but the truth is I only listen to Bieber and One Direction and other lame artists. I mean, wala ba kong karapatan to listen to different artists? Am I obliged to listen to just one band and stick to it?

There’s an instance when my formspring’s (I know you’re familiar with it – most likely the place for insecure people and haters) flooded with haters telling me stuff na ang social climber ko daw, or what do I even know about Beatles, The Who and other oldschool bands, when the only thing I know about music DAW is Justin Bieber being gay. Like, okay?

I don’t have a favorite when it comes to music. I don’t have a specific genre as well, I can listen to whatever artist/band I want to. I’m just telling this to those people who keep on judging and saying shit about my interests. Remember that this is a free country. Say what you want, I’ll listen and do what I want :)

And yes, just to clear things out… I like Bieber and One Direction. Problem? :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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