Be a Boy

Feeling fashion blogger lang ulit, lol. I’ve been into Odd Future lately, most esp Tyler the Creator. If I were to be reincarnated, I’d like to be the girl version of Tyler. Or or or… a cool nigga just like Tyler or Frank O or other cool kids from ofwgkta. For once, I wanna be black pero my friend once told me, “once you go black, you can never get back” HAHAHAHAHA winner.

I have this littlest thing for Tyler’s wardrobe, scratch that, I do have a thing for his wardrobe. How I wish I’m a boy… or I’m a scrawny female so I could do same get-ups like him. In my own opinion, his fashion statement is the comfiest thing ever. Although it kinda looks… odd for some, most esp to my parents bec they are old school fashioned and I’m rest assured they won’t agree on this. I don’t even know why am I so attracted to “skater nigga” fash. If you don’t know who I’m pertaining to, here’s a quick glance of Tyler baby, lol kidd

He’s the one on the right, such a cutesieeee

I want to change my wardrobe with these “comfy” clothes. Fuck super gaduper ultra mega UNCFOMFY jeans, out-of-fash tops, oh so girly dresses and ballet flats! And for the love of everyone, I’m making a list of items I can’t wait to put my hands on… as if anybody cares but just for my future reference, teehee. PS, I embrace hate ;)

1. Tie Dyed shirts. Where in the world can I buy these WolfGang printed shirts

2. Baseball shirts. Not necessarily a Jasper Dolphin baseball shirts, any would definitely be a-okay huhu

3. VANS!!! I’m totally digging the limited edition Campbell authentics

4. And this is the part where I wish I have Miley’s long skinny legs boo life

5. Snapbacks. Nobody’s too girly for these

6. Knee high socks, Idk why but these are too cool


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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