First Week Playlist

The past few days were too unexplainable for me to blog. I’m just glad I’m back to blogging again.
The first few weeks of August could be the gloomiest in my entire year, I hope it would be the last. Classes were suspended for about a week and I swear I didn’t do anything productive. I was the perfect example of a couch potato the past week. And yeah, as much as I wanted to do all my school works, I can’t. Let’s all blame the bed weather. I hope I was as pretty and skinny as Ecks Abitona (she was once my school mate back in high school and she’s now a known fashion blogger) so I could also post relevant gloomy polaroid-ish photos here, but meh, I’m the total opposite so let’s just forget about it.

Here’s a list of songs that you might want to listen to. This has been my friends for the past couple of days. I don’t accept hate because this is the perfect playlist for a rainy season so if you have plans on hating my songs then might as well get lost as soon as possible. Just kidding!!!!! But the “I don’t accept hate” part is serious, JSYK. I’ve included the link for your convenience, you’re welcome :)

1. Bring Back Breakfast by A Great Big Pile of Leaves
2. Fish by Wye Oak
3. sleepsleepsleep by A Great Big Pile of Leaves
4. Sleeping Ute by Grizzly Bear
5. Cigarettes in the Theatre (Acoustic) by Two Door Cinema Club
6. Good Occasions by Marble Sounds
7. A Walk by Tycho
8. Daydream by Tycho
9. Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran


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Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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