Full Stop

I seriously miss blogging, I always have second thoughts whether to blog out a movie/book/music/food review kaso as usual, I’m too lazy to be as serious as that so might as well update this with daily happenings. And to be honest, one reason why I avoid tagalog-ish posts here is because most of my followers are from other dimension. Hahaha lol kidd. Pero as much as possible, I’ll do my best to go back to my own language. Para mas feel.

The past few days were quite amazing despite the fact that finals week is fast approaching. Sobrang bilis lang ng mga pangyayari. And honestly speaking, hindi pa ko ready for finals exam. Feeling ko it’s way stressful than high school pero wag naman sana. Anyway, sanay naman ako sa puyatan so one thing I really have to do this coming weeks is to use my time wisely. Ako pa naman, sobrang dali kong idistract with simplest things. Internet and my laptop can be a big temptation so this finals, I’m thinking about giving up every temptations kahit for a week lang. This will be the week na punong puno ng opportunities to pull back my grades. Although masaya naman ako sa results ko from my midterm grades, I believe na may itataas pa yun and I’m gonna own it this finals woohoo!! Aim high!

Another highlight for this week is my schedule for the second term. I can already feel the excitement from my blockmates, to think na we still have finals to go through. Pero mabilis na lang yun. In just a blink, magugulat na lang kami na we’re already in the second term. Super mixed emotions, actually. But one thing’s for sure, I’m so nervious to the point na hindi ko na alam ano pang dapat kong iexpect. This second term, I already have two majors. I have to be maingat and everything kasi it’s a major unlike before, puro minor subjects lang kami so pwede pang pumetiks. Things are going to be different this time, and I’m much more ready than the usual. Kung nung first term, chill lang ako, I hope this second term mas maging motivated ako sa studies kasi I really want a bright future!! Charot.

In case anyone’s interested with my schedule this term, I’m giving you this opportunity to save my schedule for free stalking sessions. Hahahahahaha!!!! Kidding!!!! I just want to vent out how stoked I am with my second schedule in my entire college life woohoooo the feel, bro!! I’m definitely loving it: no Wednesday classes, just 2-3 subjects per day, NO FUCKING MATH, 30-minute breaks… but the downside of this is: almost all subjects are 3 fucking hours long, two majors, late dismissals and the two 8 AM classes. I’m never a morning person so I kinda prefer going home late than going to school real early. But yeah don’t get me wrong, I’m satisfied with this. :)

Good luck to all frosh students of CSB for our coming finals! Carpe Diem!!! :)


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