Specs 101

It’s seriously hard to deal with eye problems… now I regret not taking care of my eyes since the beginning, and believe it or not, I’ve been forced to wear specs since I was in elementary. I don’t why but I used to have a dream of wearing and owning a pair of eyeglass when I was a kid, real talk. I even did stupid things just to make my eyesight poorer than ever hahahaha! And can I just say that wearing eyeglasses could possibly the most hassle thing ever. I think I’ve already lost three of them, I even tried wearing contact lenses that only lasted for a month because I am clumsy like that.

Ever since my optha advised me to wear one, I only wore them inside the classroom during class discussions. And until now I never wear them outside the classroom or my house. I just feel uncomfy wearing those. My grade’s getting worse so my optha, and even my parents, required me to wear them all the time. But I always make a bad decision in picking the right frame because honestly speaking, I don’t know what frame fits perf for my head shape so I always play safe and let my optha or my mom pick the “right” frame. Regrets….. lol

O, diba. Look how ugly I am with my specs :-( super old fashioned ni mommy, sabi niya it looks good on me daw, hayyy

My mom said that it’ll be the last time she’ll buy me a pair of glasses, so I have to be extra careful with this. Kaso I really don’t like the frame because it doesn’t fit me!!! Then one of my profs said that I can buy cheaper frames in Paterno, Quiapo. I know I couldn’t afford to go there so I checked online stores offering cheaper specs that can be changed with prescription lens.

Super digging this Jr. Droopy Owl I found on multiply! And it only costs 600 bucks, I should get this!

Another Droopy Owl but it’s alr sold out :-(

This looks cute kaso will it fit me?

So obviously, specs with large frames are my thing and it looks a-okay with my head shape. I’m still canvassing bec I swear, there are so many good finds over the internet :-)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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