Healthy Living Day 01

So I went to my doctor yesterday for a check-up and it was really depressing to find out that I’m one kilo away from being considered overweight. Yes people, OVERWEIGHT. I have to be honest since this is my blog and I think there’s no reason for me to be embarrassed about it, but fuck do you know how disheartening it is to be called overweight?! Although I’m not YET considered but ONE KILO AWAY… I feel like killing myself the moment I heard my doctor said it. Hehehehe kidding I love my life. But I have to be honest, I don’t “look” overweight at all (you judge). And I’ve seen an article on the internet talking about the same issue like mine, her BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates that she’s overweight but doesn’t look like one, only to find out that she’s an athlete (like me!) and she has an athletic bod (like mine!) and her body built or muscles are greater compared to other (normal) people. So it only means that I have more mass in my body or fats or let’s just call it muscles (hahaha) compared to other people, and knowing the fact that there’s a lot of differences between weight and your actual physical appearance makes me a little gratified.

But still it doesn’t change the fact that I’m almost overweight, so I am told that I still have to lose and manage my weight, start having a healthy diet and stop the daily consumption of unhealthy foods like McDonald’s, powdered juices, junk foods and the like… which means, I have to stick to healthy foods and water, and of course I have to go back to my daily or weekly exercise because we all know that diet itself wouldn’t be as effective as we think it would be without exercising. I admit, I’m a lazy fatass when it comes to exercising and stuff, I hate running, jogging and other forms of body building UNLESS it’s badminton, real talk hehe. But I have to be motivated this time! Huhu I don’t want to be called overweight! No offense to those who are battling though. :)

So as my first day in my so called “Camille Healthy Program” (hahahaha kainis pilit):

Believe it or not, I only had these for dinner. Plus lots and lots of water!!

Just a proof that I worked out today HAHAHAHAHA ignore my jeje face, please

My hagardo versoza face. I apologize for too much photo opping hehe

The bottomline is, I’m back to my healthy track and let’s just all hope that I’ll continue this healthy living and achieve the beach bod I’ve always dreamed of. Charot.


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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2 Responses to Healthy Living Day 01

  1. wartica says:

    Best of luck on transitioning to a healthier lifestyle; you should be just fine:)

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