Healthy Living Day 02

I have to be honest, this new lifestyle I’m getting into is not as easy as I think it is. I don’t usually take these things seriously but when I do I make sure I dedicate not just my mind and soul but also my heart. I know I wouldn’t outlast this “Healthy Living” if I don’t give my everything into it, I know it sounds corny but… hehe… just some word of wisdom just to get me more motivated.

So today’s the 2nd day of “Camille Healthy” and can I just brag how proud I am with my progress. For my breakfast, I only had a little amount of brown rice (unmilled or partly milled rice and is said to be healthier than white rice) and corned beef with lots of water, then for my lunch I had chicken fillet with half cup of white rice and then I had my afternoon snacks which is a mug of coffee and two boiled eggs. And then for my dinner!!!! *drum rollzzzz*

And for my workout progress, part of me wants to quit! My body’s not used to compact and serious workout like what I did last night so the aftermath? Super massive leg pain. As in legit pain!!!! Worse is, I have to use the stairs in my school whether I like it or not so it’s really a challenge… or more like a punishment! :( But I have to do this for my own sake so might as well stop myself from thinking negative causes and start listing down all the positives it would give me :( :(

Smile as if nothing hurts… hahahaha eew drama. Oh well papel. Like what my high school coach used to say “NO PAIN NO GAIN!!!”


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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2 Responses to Healthy Living Day 02

  1. wartica says:

    I agree: pain is just weakness leaving the body , but boy, can that pain hurt sometimes lol:)

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