Kinda missed “serious” blogging so might as well do one since i’ve got all the time i need this weekend. Yay or nay? Haha well anyways, school has been a really big bore for me i swear this term sucks. I don’t know what happened to my motivated self either, and i can’t believe that next week’s already our midterm exams…. i haven’t learned a single thing just yet so a massive good luck to myself this coming week :( I bet i won’t be in the dean’s list anymore bec of my uninspired self. But no, shouldn’t be saying negative stuff to myself so “go me! I can do this!”

This is also the term where all i wanna do is hang out with my friends, high school friends to be specific. Drink, party, go to diff places because come on, it’s college! But please don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that i’m a rebel or a drunkard or a drug pusher or anything, i’m just enjoying my life and my freedom and i do know my boundaries when it comes to such things, i think that’s what’s important – knowing your limits. Okay this is getting corny but just to clear things out. I know life has a lot to offer and i’m just grabbing every opportunity. :) i’m just at the starting point of college life, more fun to come, many more days of getting wasted, getting in trouble but of course learning from every mistakes in life is the objective. I just can’t wait for life’s surprises…

To my batchmates, schoolmates, and friends who’s reading this, let me tell you that don’t stop yourself from having fun, as long as you know your boundaries. College is about having fun, meeting new people, getting wasted (kidding haha) and learning the true meaning of life ;) so go out, have fun and explore the world! :)


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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