Magnificent Monday

Told you I suck at giving titles for my posts, I’ve already thought of using the current date as the title but that’s too hackneyed so better stick with my corny titles hehe. So anyways, I kinda missed blogging daily stuff and I’ve noticed that this account is getting a little boring. I just feel there’s something about my day that I need to share it with you, hahaha nothing special though.

Yesterday was nothing but a normal day, except that it was just more chill than the usual. I only have two subjects on a Monday which is FSDRWG2 (Drawing 2) and MDPHOTO (Photography), but both major subjects so although my classes are only ’til afternoon, it’s still a little heavy for a week-starter. We weren’t really expecting something “burdensome” during our FSDRWG2 class but when our prof said that today’s going to be our midterm exam, everyone started panicking, well of course especially me. I really thought he was joking because what would we expect from an “exam” in a drawing class, also knowing the fact that my professor is a perfectionist and expects us to be the perfect student he wants us to be that he never allows us to use erasers and any form that can be used for erasing. So what we had for our midterm exam was just live sketching :( we had to draw our classmate, who luckily got exempted for the first part of the exam (believe it or not I tried my best to win that position). I seriously had a hard time because I’m not good at human anatomy, I even asked my prof if I could take a picture of my classmate but he declined since it would be unfair to others.

Meet sir Beltejar. He’s a quiet guy, he usually discusses his lessons in less than 5 minutes and he hates erasers. He’s the boss

The girl on the right was our model. I have to admit her role wasn’t that easy because she had to pose for three straight hours, with 15-minute breaks though. Everything’s worth it…

When everyone was still chillaxed

I gotta be honest, it was one fucking hell. I was really petiks at first, well because, I don’t like stressing myself out but damn the last few minutes was a torture. I think I was the only one left so I panicked and finished everything just for the sake of passing my plate. But oh well, I kind of did a good job and there’s still part 2 :)

This is not our midterm plate but look at what my blockmate made. We call her the class “printer” because all her works look printed! Crazy! It looks exactly like her.

My MDPHOTO class was chill and fun, as always. It’s because of my cool professor who really knows what he’s teaching and uses all his time in discussing. And what I like about my prof is he’s friendly, knows how to deal with beginners, funny and…. vain?

Meet my favorite prof, sir Vic Sison! Try googling him or by simply typing “paintographer” and you’ll see his profile ;)

Pogi nila ‘no?

We’re just halfway throughout the term and I have to be honest, suuuper dami ko nang natutunan sakanya! But the sad part is, mababa daw siya magbigay ng grades since he’s a professional and I think he has high expectations… siya na mismo nagsabi niyan. He’s still my favorite :p

Learned a lot about lighting and stuff!! :)

I think I got it?

Pretty much a good week starter! :)


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