Instagram: What’s Up and What’s Not

My friend and I had this hilarious conversation about pet peeves over the internet – those who use hashtags on Facebook, those who use too much hashtags on Twitter and some people who post nonsense stuff on Instagram. I think they misinterpret a little about these things and how they really work. I’m not pertaining to a specific person and I’m not against them either, but these are just things I find a little funny and unsophisticated. Please be noted that this is not to offend certain people. ☺

Instagram is a social networking site just like Twitter and Facebook, meaning whatever you post can be seen worldwide. Some people need to know their limits when it comes to posting photos and whatsoever.
1. Those who post EVERYTHING. Like literally everything. Maybe it’s a little acceptable if you post twice or thrice a day whatever you came across with on that specific day. I get annoyed seeing people post photos with a caption like “going to take a bath now lol” or “taking a nap hehe ssh!” or “brushing my teeth!” or worse “pooping heehee”. Sound funny but these things really occur.

2. Those who use lots and lots of hashtags! I know in some instances it can be tolerable but the fact that they just use too many hashtags just for the sake of… well I don’t know. I find it really funny reading hashtags like #thisiscute #ILookAwkward #lol #instadaily #TellMeImPretty #foodporn #yum #swag #instahihi #instafuckyou

3. Those who use Instagram as their own self photo album! Come on, guys. If you find the filters cute, I mean I cannot lie that I’m a little obsessed with the filters but you need to know that you don’t have to post every single face of yours and put a caption like “I’m so ugly huhu”! I’ve encountered an account once, yes she’s pretty but damn her Instagram profile’s full of her faces! It’s a little creepy… and funny because her captions on each photos were something like “I failed my math exam huhu”, “Done jogging yay!”, “Tired from shopping” and all you can see are her faces with different angles and filters!! Come on…

4. I think I’m going to offend some particular people here but anyways. Those rich people who keep on posting their newly bought items. Six plastic bags from F21, three huge paper bags from Aldo, five boxes from Krispy Kreme and a bunch of Starbucks coffee. I know you’re happy with your new things but you also need to know that we don’t give a damn on your new branded stuff… maybe a little but please, know your limits. I know this sounds corny but, a lot of people are suffering from hunger and shit, and all you think about is finding ways on how you can brag indirectly your new items? Be sensitive. :)

5. Those who use recycled photos from the internet. Try to be creative and make your own statement. You’re fab enough to save photos and reupload them via Instagram!

6. Those who upload photos of every single food they eat. Milk teas, pastas, pizzas… we all know you’re a food lover but please stop obsessing about the food and start eating them before it gets cold. Okay fine you can afford expensive foodums but come on… indirect bragging? Read the last sentence on number 4 :)

I did not post these to annoy or to offend people. I know some would react negatively on this but let me just tell you that this is just a reminder and an opinion about how I see things. We still have different and unique tastes when it comes to such things. If you know what you’re doing and posting then maybe it’s still best to follow your heart. Happy posting! ☺


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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