This may sound funny to some but I’m getting real serious with this the past few days. I’m thinking about starting my own small business. Like customized shoes, clothes and such. If you’re familiar with Stussy, Huf, Vans and whatsoever then you’ll get the idea in my head right now. I’m not saying that I’ll start as big as that now, just thinking of same concepts – street clothing. I’m a person who’s not really into high fash and such unless needed, I’m a girl who goes out with a shirt, jeans or shorts and sneakers so maybe it’s better if I stick with those. As an art student, I think it’s better if I depend more on myself so in the future, I won’t be having a hard time dealing with the business world. Haha I can’t believe I’m saying these things but yeah, who knows someday I’ll be as known as Vans, Obey, Supreme etc. Hahaha!

So now I’m starting real slow with it because I wanted to be sure with things first. Starting with the name, and then the logo, and making a check list of the highest possible merches I can sell. I really wanted this. I CAN AND I WILL. So help me God… :)

A little sneak peek with my stuff. Hehe

“Will” be selling stuff like these… soon!


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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