Threedown x Wordplay Anniversary Party

The moment I saw their invite on Facebook, I alr told myself that I’m going, no what ifs or whatsoever. Days before the event, I’m having problems about the transpo and who I’m going with cause honestly, I can’t and I won’t go there all by myself! I’ve made lots of different plans, but turned out to be the other way around. Still glad that I’ve made the right plans haha!

Feeling a little jumpy before the event bec I honestly don’t know what to expect, and the fact that I know less people, I felt like backing out on the day itself. But no, I’ve no time to chicken out. So I waited my best friend for about 2 hours, that’s how I wanted to be with her (hahaha eew)! And tbh, we’ve no idea on how to get there by commute. Either LRT MRT, bus, service whatever, tried calling different people we know and so ended up riding a service to Quiapo then a bus straight to Greenhills. Btw, the event was located at Ronac Art Center in Greenhills, San Juan. If you’re familiar with it then congratulations to you. I think we traveled for about 2 hours? And not bad cause it was my first time to commute that far and it’s a little scarier than the usual besides the fact that the places were unfamiliar, it’s night time. The moment we got there, we still have no idea on how to socialize and all so I had to contact my friend who’s alr there. So I bbm-ed him and asked him if he could go down and fetch us to lessen the awkwardness. But to my shock, it wasn’t lessen!!! I seriously don’t know what to do and who to approach because the place was full of “cool people” haha I was so close to panicking, pero joke lang. Okay so I think I’m giving out details too much. To make the story short, I had fun, the party was too cool, the place was so awesome, learned new stuff such as spinning and rapping, I got to see my idols, saw different celebrities and went home safe, yay!

Bunker Obey which is located at the basement of Ronac

Got dizzy going up and down to this hahaha good thing there’s an elev

Look how awesome their basketball court is!

Sick performances by Wordplay, LDP, Beatbox Philippines, Indio and many more! :)

Saw Abra too! He’s so cute too bad I wasn’t able to ask a photo with him cause he’s too busy socializing haha

DJ keeps on playing sick tracks and tbh, can’t contain myself from singing and mini head banging hahaha


They also released their anniversary merches last night

And they also gave away free limited Threedown stickers!

Happy anniversary, Threedown and WordPlay!!! Shouts to Threedown for the photos!

I know my photos are crappy. I’m sorry, I’m having too much fun that I couldn’t manage to take photos of everything. And also, I didn’t drink and smoke. Oh wait, I did but just a bottle and that’s it. And oh, I also got to see all the cast from Abra’s Gayuma. The gay’s soooo hot I felt like a rotten potato when I saw her okkkk don’t judge. But she’s nice! :)

PS. I’ve took loads of vids from the performances which is mad sick and I think you guys deserve to see it so I’ll get you back with it as soon as I upload everything. Thank you!


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