Song of the Day: Lost by Frank Ocean

Today had been literally a stressful day but I cannot deny the fact that I did had a lot of fun. Heard mass an hour early than our usual Church schedule because mom didn’t make any reservations at Saisaki where we had lunch for dad’s birthday. So bloated that I couldn’t manage to get up and get another plate of sushi anymore hahaha lol kidd but it’s always the best lunch dates ever! And then I had to meet up with my two girl friends for our MDPHOTO final plates which we all crammed about, and it’s very unusual ’cause I barely go out with friends on a Sunday, but I had no choice since we have to submit the photos tomorrow. Won’t get tired of cramming over school projects, haha! I told mom and dad that I can go home by myself because I was thinking that there’s always a shuttle that can drop me off in Las Piñas in an instant, that I didn’t know is not available on a fucking Sunday! So I met up with my friends at around 2 and finished at exactly 5 since we’re all tired, especially me! Can barely walk properly because the sandals I’m wearing are the perfect example of hassle shoes, if only I did see this coming, should’ve wore comfier shoes instead!

So the adventure begins. My two friends are too lucky to live just around Makati and to have a mom that could wait for her and give her a ride to and from Glorietta, I don’t know but I was just darn unlucky to live miles away from Makati and to have parents that are not patient enough to pick me up. Hours ago, I was still confident enough about that shuttle thing that I could ride home without hassling myself too much, but then I found out that they only had one shuttle service to Las Piñas and is not available atm. What the fuck I know! Calmed down a little since my sister told me I could ride a bus to Buendia, which I thought would be easy enough for me to know where the fuck those buses are, BUT ISN’T. So I went up the overpass, and I don’t even know why!! I asked the guard where I can find those buses that are headed to Buendia, he told me something but didn’t understand a thing so I just nodded and walked away pretending that I picked up what he said. I was a little jumpy that moment and decided to go back to the shuttle service and that I can wait for the service to go back. I think I’ve waited for about ten minutes or so since I’m already freaking tired and sweaty! Then there’s this nice guy who used to be a driver on one of the shuttle services, he told me instructions on how to go home since he also lives in Las Piñas! He keeps on telling me that I could ride a bus to Baclaran and ride another bus straight to LP, I keep disagreeing ’cause tbh, I don’t want to risk my life when I get off to Baclaran. I seriously don’t know what to do, what to ride, where to go and who to call. That moment, I just want to cry. I’m fucking exhausted, I’m sweating, I look haggard and wasted as hell and all I wanna do is call my parents and tell them to pick me up. I hate that feeling. Getting lost and not knowing what to do. To think that I only have 150 bucks in my pocket that time!!! Swear I am so close to crying and panicking that time. So in my head, Frank Ocean’s Lost is playing hahaha that one thing cheered me up a little.

Sooo I came up with an idea. A brilliant idea indeed. Hahaha I can ride a cab to Buendia and then a bus to south, but I’m thinking what if my money isn’t enough for those. “Bahala na!” So I took a cab and asked the driver how much would it cost if I let him drive straight to Las Piñas, and yep there’s always a meter to answer my questions in life. Hahaha! So to make everything sure, I let him drop me off at my house ’cause I was thinking that I could just pay him off right after he drops me off. Yay! I’m so happy the moment I saw those familiar landmarks and all I just want to cry and jup of happiness. Hahaha no OA!

Sorry if the story telling part was too long I just wanted you all to know how my adventure went and why I picked this for my SOTD heehee! The bottom line is, I’m just thankful that I survived that kind of adventure haha and that I’m NEVER going back to that place on a Sunday without my mom or dad. Yep, lesson learned.

Lost by Frank Ocean


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