December Wishlist

I’ve been doing this ever since I started blogging, it’s like a ritual that I cannot NOT do every Christmas. Hahaha! I’m doing this just for fun, I’m not expecting anything positive but who knows, Santa might be reading my blog and… you know heehee!

Herschel Rucksacks. I badly want one of these since I’m not the shoulder-bag-type-of-girl and I don’t like my JanSport backpack anymorrre so high school!

Topshop Bags. Or any of these Topshop backpacks!

Vans Authentics! We all know that I’m a Vans girl hehehe and I can’t wait to own one of these this Christmas! I really want the maroon one although I already have the red.

Panel caps! Who said panel caps and snapbacks are just for boys? Haha! Not necessarily a Supreme panel cap, I really want the floral one, looks cute.

Casio Illuminators. These are by far the sexiest watches I’ve ever seen I swear. I can’t wait to put my hands on the black illuminator. I’m going to buy myself one of these… soon :P

New decks! :( I recently broke mine, just when I’m really into skateboarding huhu I’m planning on switching to longboard but I’ve already learned few tricks and I think it’s going to be hard for me to switch to something unfamiliar and new. Odd Future, Enjoi, Toy Machine or Supreme will def do!

Canon Fisheye Lens. I have my dslr few months ago but tbh, I’m not that into photography, but I really want this lens besides the fact that it gives you “artsy fartsy” results, it’s too cool to use esp outdoors and parties and landscapes and such

iTouch 5!!!! Need I say more?! :(


About Camille Ortiz

Manila-based Multimedia Arts student
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